5 Kids Questions That Not Even Adults Can Answer!

we'll try to answer the most common questions from our childhood and give an explanation to facts that seemed unexplainable

Hello everyone you probably tortured your parents in your childhood with all kinds of absurd questions we came up with some questions such as why the blood is taken from the ring finger or why’d your after such long necks in this video we’ll try to answer the most common questions from our childhood and give an answer and explanation to facts that seemed unexplainable we promise you it will be very interesting let’s get it on.

Let’s Have A Look At 5 Kids Questions That Not Even Adults Can Answer.

1. Dinosaurs.

Have you ever wondered how the world would be if dinosaurs were still alive here? Surely this question concerns the youngest and adults alike. So who would have survived dinosaurs or humans? Let’s begin, most saying the dinosaurs didn’t completely disappear and continue to live a modest and they’ve just simply evolved and changed their appearance to closest relatives like these huge reptiles, lizards and crocodiles. If you don’t believe, take it a closer look. Some of them practically copied the image of their enormous ancestors and however, if the dinosaurs that lived tens of billions of years ago would not have disappeared, humans would not have appeared.

2. Blood.

Several times since childhood we’ve had to give blood for different tests and unless you’re a doctor, you probably don’t know why blood is taken from the ring finger? Thus, there are several reasons and firstly compared to other fingers, the ring finger boots the least, so wounds heal faster and secondly the ring finger is one of the least used, so the skin in this place is thinner and this allows performing the procedure more easily and with less pain and the most important reason is that any procedure involving blood can end up in an infection, don’t be scared doctors have everything under control and what happens is, that the membranes of the thumb and the little finger, for example, are attached to the membranes of the rest, so an infection in those fingers would spread throughout the hand and the ring finger membrane, on the other hand, is isolated and even if it gets infected which is unlikely, the problem can be located and eliminated more quickly.

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3. Sun.

What would happen if the Sun turns off? Thinking about this is a bit scary and considering that all life on our planet depends on sunlight. According to asteroid physicists, when this happens we will only feel it after eight minutes because the heat sent by the Sun takes exactly that time to reach the earth. The small plants would die in a few days, the trees will live for some years and if humankind wants to survive in these conditions, you must find other sources of heat, for example, we can find heat in underground layers of the volcanoes. Though, it doesn’t seem like a very critical situation, but better not to think about it.


4. Giraffes.

Since we were little, we’ve learned that giraffes have very long necks but only a few people know what they are for, it’s quite interesting that the neck of this animal just as our necks, is composed of seven vertebrae and for these vertebrae, unlike those of humans are much larger. Surely you know that there are four herbivorous animals living in Africa right? Well, in the environment in which they live, there are serious problems for the vegetation which is minimal at ground level. But for giraffes, as you can imagine this is not a problem as their long necks allow them without problem to eat the leaves of tall trees and not to worry about the lack of food.

5. Tree.

We assume that everyone knows how new trees are born, but how did the first trees appear on our planet when there were no other plants? To be honest, we had some hypotheses, so we decided to Google to be sure and answer turns out that trees evolved from seaweed which the current took from the sea to the land. Little by little, the algae began to grow on the earth but at first, they were very different from modern trees and over time they learn to defend themselves against external forces. So they grew roots and leaves and that is how the trees we see around us every day appeared.

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