5 Life Lessons That You Can Learn From Heera Thakur Of Sooryavansham!

Hello lovely people out there! Welcome back of Humor Nation.There are so many movies from which we can learn a lot. The only problem is that we only watch them, we do not understand the meaning and the lessons they want to convey. There are so many lessons to be learned from so many movies. One of such great Indian movies is Sooryavansham.

5 Life Lessons That You Can Learn From Heera Thakur Of Sooryavansham!

Sooryavansham is an inspiring story of Heeralal Thakur who has been deceived by his family members. His hard work and dedication along with his pure, spotless character makes him the richest person of the town.This story has so many twirls and inspiring lessons. We bring to you 5 most inspiring lessons of the movie.

So Let’s Take A Look At The 5 Inspiring Lessons That Can be Learned From Heera Thakur of The Evergreen Movie Sooryavansham!

1. Hard work is the road to success.

Heera’s father threw him out of the house and unclaimed him as a his son. He along with his wife used to live at the outskirts of village. Heera started working in a transport company and then with some financial help from his friends, he started his own bus services. He was committed and dedicated to whatever he worked for, and sooner he became on of the biggest businessmen of that place.

2. Your character defines you better than any degree or diploma.

Heera was a dunce child. He used to get poor marks in school. His family members always looked down on him. No one in his family actually respected him. He lived as a slave. His brothers made mockery out of him. But Heera respected each and everyone by heart. His pure soul did not allow him to disrespect anyone so he kept his wit. Even after he achieved immense success in business, he remained ground to his roots and principles. He did not change.

3. If she cannot stand by you, she is not the one for you.

Heera was poor in studies and he never enjoyed attending the school. Gauri, his ladylove since childhood was the only reason for him to attend school everyday. Thakur Bhanupratap, decides to get Heera and Gauri married. Heera became so happy, but Gauri attempted suicide just because she does not want to get married to Heera, due to his illiteracy. Heera savef Gauri and called off the marriage. He takes all the blame on himself for the sake of Gauri.

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4. Your children are your shadows, be what you want them to be.

Heera’s son deeply impressed Thakur Bhanupratap, when they met accidentally. The nature and purity of little soul touched Thakur Bhanupratap very deeply. Heera’s son reflected all his kindness and righteousness. After meeting him, Thakur Bhanupratap realized the goodness and richness of Heera’s soul.

5. Respect is earned, not demanded.

Thakur Bhanupratap always worked for the welfare of his village. Every one in the village respected him heartfully. Kevada Thakur was jealous of this fact. He wanted all the respect and honor for himself. He was the die-hard enemy of Thakur Bhanupratap and his lineage. This nature of him became the reason of his downfall. Sooryavansham family remained respected and honored.Don’t forget to Like. Share. Comment!

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