5 Things About Supernatural That The Fans Might Not Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Despite the show concluding with its final season in 2020, Supernatural remains as popular as ever. There are plenty of things that the fans are not aware of, from the show’s storylines to trivia about the cast members, here’s a compiled list of interesting facts that you must know.

So Take A Look At 5 Little Things About Supernatural That The Fans Might Not Know


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Eric Kripke originally planned to use the ’65 Mustang as the Winchesters traveling vehicle, but after his neighbor convinced him, he changed it to ’67 Impala. The original plan also involved fitting the Impala with James Bond car like gadgets. Kripke revealed that the Impala would be fitted with switches which would shoot oil, another would throw salt. This would come in handy while dealing with ghosts and spirits. They scrapped the plan because (a) the Winchesters possess sufficient hunting skills (b) They don’t possess tech skills to update their car similar to the Bond style.


5 Things About Supernatural That The Fans Might Not Know
The CW

The pandemic changed everything. It affected the entertainment industry in numerous ways, studios and productions were shut down. Actors were prevented from traveling and the filming had to be paused, While despite the challenges, many shows continued to entertain, they adjusted their filming to be able to deliver the content. Everyone knew beforehand that Season 15 would be the swan song of the show and everyone wanted it to end in a grand fashion. The showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed that the original plan for the final two episodes were modified in order to work through the pandemic. Had it been a perfect normal world, the finale would have been entirely different.

While somethings were remained to stay same such as Dean Winchester ending up in heaven, but the way everything happened in the closing moments of the final episode, original plan had a bigger impact. The final moments were originally planned to happen someplace else. Sam and Dean would be surrounded with all the people they encountered in their journey. All gathered up in a rebuilt Roadhouse and the Kansas band playing the official anthem of the show. Since the pandemic and the protocol made it impossible for different actors to fly and shoot the finale. Still the showrunners tried to do their best in the given circumstances. We did see the ‘Carry On’ song being featured in the closing moments and we also got a guest appearance from Bobby Singer, one of the most important characters in the story of the boys.


5 Things About Supernatural That The Fans Might Not Know

Amazon’s The Boys has become one of the most successful program of the streaming network. The show is a dark satire, set in a world where Superheroes exist, but they lack morality and abuse their powers. They are popular celebrities who are extremely influential. A group of Boys set out on a quest to expose the ugly truth about these false heroes while risking their lives. The show is based on the comic book series of the same name and has been created by Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural. So it’s not surprising that Kripke managed to find suitable roles for his beloved actors from his previous show.

  • Jim Beaver has made cameo appearances in Season 1 & Season 2 as the Defense Secretary Robert A. Singer. The name of the character is a reference to the Supernatural.
  • Jensen Ackles will be making his Boys debut in Season 3 where he will play the role of Soldier Boy. Some reports suggest that the character’s personality will be altered to make him worse than Homelander.
  • Christian Keyes who played the role of alternate universe Michael on Supernatural is also a part of the Boys. He plays the character of Nathan Franklin who is the mentor, coach, and older brother of A-Train.
  • Other actors who appeared on Supernatural and are now part of Boys includes: Lesley Nicol, Adrian Holmes, Alvina August, Kai Bradbury.


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