5 Major Supernatural Changes That Turned Out Amazing

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The production of Supernatural has been through numerous changes. Some of the changes were suggested by the network after the show was picked up, some were made by the creators in the last minute. Some changes proved to be extremely beneficial, while some proved to be disastrous. But eventually all of these changes ultimately made Supernatural what it is today.

So Take A Look At 5 Major Supernatural Storyline Changes That Turned Out Amazing


The CW

Rob Benedict who played Chuck Shirly who initially was believed to be the Prophet of the Lord, but later we learn in the closing moments of the finale episode that he’s God. The actor revealed at a convention about the story when he met Eric Kripke. He commented how much similarities they both shared. The character of Chuck is based on Eric himself. In Season 2, both Jensen and Jared called up Kripke and expressed their displeasure at insulting any religious deity. They even asked him if he intends to introduce angels, God, or any deities down the line. Eric told that he had no plans to include any religious elements at all. It would be only focused on the horror hauntings and urban legends. The character of Chuck wasn’t meant to be God at first. The character was declared to be a prophet, but there was more to him that what met the eye. Rob himself was surprised at the twist that he’s the god.

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5 Major Supernatural Storyline Changes That Turned Out Amazing
The CW

Over the course of 15 Seasons, Bobby Singer proved to be more of a father figure to the boys than John. He might not have raised them, but he took care of them after the boys lost John. He became a family to the Winchesters. It’s impossible to imagine Supernatural without Bobby Singer. But did you know Bobby Singer existed only because the actress Loretta Devina who played Missouri Moseley was unable to appear in the finale of Season 1. Missouri was a psychic who’s the close friend of John and helped boys earlier in the series. When the actor Jim Beaver signed up, his deal was supposed to last only for the episode ‘Devil’s Trap’. But his character received tremendous response from the critics and fans which influenced the writers to expand his storyline, and he ultimately became a regular character.


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