5 Major Supernatural Changes That Turned Out Amazing


5 Major Supernatural Storyline Changes That Turned Out Amazing
The CW

When Kripke first pitched the idea of Supernatural to the Network Executives, it was meant to be an anthology series where every episode would be a standalone one. Then the concept was changed to two tabloid reporters traveling all across the country in a van and investigating urban legends, discovering the truth about the ghosts, paranormal stuff, and ultimately writing them in their newspaper. The Network found the idea a bit ordinary and not refreshing, there have been shows like X-Files which give the same vibe. Eric then changed the main characters from reporters to being brothers. This proved to be extremely significant as the theme of family and brotherly love between the Winchesters proved to be the highlight of the Supernatural.


The CW

Supernatural is a show where no one is truly dead. Yet, some of the fan favorites met a tragic fate and were supposed to be dead permanently. The departure of a beloved character evoked a harsh reaction from the fans who voiced their displeasure online through social networking sites, emails, and forums. Characters such as Charlie who was shockingly killed in Season 10. As it turned out, the decision to kill Charlie happened in the spur of the moment which the writers then regretted. Similarly, the death of Bobby also hit right in the feels. A hunter who survived celestial war, demons, ghosts, and whatnot. It was lazy writing when he met his fate due to a bullet from a lesser powerful villain. Luckily, Supernatural found a way to bring back these dead characters through an alternate universe, a timeline where Winchesters are never born.



The 67 Impala or best known as ‘Baby’ in the Supernatural fandom is one of the beloved characters on the show. It has a history and significance in the storylines. You cannot have the Winchesters without the Impala. But did you know Eric Kripke originally chose ’65 Mustang for the show. But after an exchange with his neighbor who was a mechanic, gave him an important insight. He convinced Kripke to choose ’67 Impala because it’s realistic to put a body in the trunk of an Impala. Kripke was sold on the Impala and commented how it’s a different breed, a muscular and aggressive car that brings out the personalities of the boys, and fits perfectly with the show.

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