5 Mistakes In The Originals That Fans Didn’t Seem To Notice

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. No show is perfect especially when it runs for multiple seasons, with each season having close to 20 episodes. The show is bound to make some mistakes in terms of writing. There will be flaws in the story-telling and errors in the timeline consistency. In a show like Originals which is full of supernatural creatures along with their respective lores and specific rules regarding their abilities and weaknesses. All these at times can complicate the story-telling and would result in plot holes. The Originals ran for five seasons, it featured numerous captivating storyline which kept the fans at the edge of their seats. But there have been numerous flaws and mistakes which most of the fans overlooked.

So Take A Look At The 5 Mistakes In The Originals That Fans Didn’t Seem To Notice


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In Season 3 Episode titled ‘Heart Shaped Box’. Davina states that the Originals had vampire blood in their system when they died. However, this is incorrect as the Mikaelsons became the Original vampires, the progenitor of the entire vampire race. Esther used the modified immortality spell of Qetsiyah, she used the blood of the doppelganger Tatia to cast the spell. So either the actress who plays Davina mistakenly said the word ‘Vampire’ instead of Doppelganger or maybe the character of Davina was merely speculating as she didn’t knew the exact history and details of the ritual and story.

5 Mistakes In The Originals That Fans Didn't Seem To Notice
The CW

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In the finale episode of The Originals, we see a framed photograph of the Mikaelson family which was clicked in the episode ‘The Map of Moments’. In the episode, when Rebekah notices the strange behavior of Elijah, she asks Klaus to meet at the safe house. Klaus, Hayley are reunited with their baby Hope who was under the custody of Rebekah. The family sets up a bonfire and revives their long family tradition of writing down their wishes and burning them. They click a family picture together, but they burn the picture to protect Hope. Did Hope or someone recreate the picture from their memory using the magic, or perhaps Rebekah kept a copy of it? Whatever, the case may be, it is a welcomed plot hole.

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Another photo mistake can be seen in the episode ‘The Tale of Two Wolves’, a photograph of Katherine from the year 1864 can be seen sitting in the glass cabinet. However, the same photograph was burned by Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries.


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