5 Mistakes & Inconsistencies In Lucifer That The Fans Ignored


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Lucifer did an amazing job of keep the viewers hooked up to the screen for six entertaining seasons. They show captivated the audiences through its brilliant storylines and larger than life characters. However, no matter how great a show is, it is bound to make some mistakes and flaws. There will always be some sort of continuity errors or gaps in the storytelling that the writers overlook. Lucifer is no different, this nearly perfect show also has plenty of inconsistences and mistakes that the fans seem to ignore because of their love for the show.

So Take A Look At 5 Mistakes & Inconsistencies In Lucifer That The Fans Ignored


5 Mistakes & Inconsistencies In Lucifer That The Fans Ignored

The simple idea behind heaven and hell is that hell is a place where people have sinned go whereas people who are righteous go to heaven. But we learned in Lucifer that a soul might end up in hell if a person has not dealt with his guilt. The only way to escape hell is to resolve their unprocessed guilt. Season 5 and 6 dealt with matter in deep as Dan is condemned to hell because he didn’t deal with his guilt. Through out Season 6, he tries finding out what’s he guilty about? Once he figures out, deals with it, his soul goes up to heaven. Lucifer who has helped two souls in dealing with their guilt decides to make this his life purpose, providing therapy to the trapped souls to provide them liberation.


But this raises several questions, are good people condemned to hell only because they feel guilty even though they have not sinned? Also, if guilt is the parameter deciding who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? Des this mean that if the evil and bad people feel no guilt about their actions, then could they go to heaven? This doesn’t make any sense, right?

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5 Mistakes & Inconsistencies In Lucifer That The Fans Ignored

Spoiler Alert! If you have seen Season 6 then you know it has a bittersweet ending. It involves Lucifer separating from Chloe and everyone for the sake of his daughter Rory! Rory, her daughter arrives from the future, accusing Lucifer of vanishing from her life. When Lucifer realizes his true purpose, Rory also has a realization that Lucifer needs to be in hell, separated from everyone because only then she’ll grow to hate him and would eventually time travel to the past to repeat the cycle of events which would lead to Lucifer’s realization.


So the entire point of Lucifer’s separation was to avoid the time paradox. Chloe knew about this entire thing, but would keep her mouth shut for years until her daughter can learn that on her own. But the major issue with this entire storyline is that Lucifer could have still visited Chloe in secret while keeping himself away from Rory. Making Lucifer give his word while staying away from his love for decades is just harsh and impractical.


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  1. The Rory storyline doesn’t make sense at all. Yes, I agree that what she asked her parents to do was harsh and unnecessary. But the fact is, the whole time travel paradox where she has to remain bitter so she’ll come back and do it again – rinse and repeat. Isn’t that what the hell loop is?

    And the Lucifer of the first 5 seasons, the man/angel/devil whose psyche was damaged because he never felt loved by a father who was never there, he would never, ever do the same thing to his own child. No matter how much she insisted on it. So, yes, the whole storyline was both nonsensical as well as out of character.

    As for being OOC, how about Chloe? The mom who always, always worried about Trixie’s feelings, who always went above and beyond to make sure her daughter knew she was wanted and loved, the Chloe from the first 5 seasons? All of a sudden she’s ok allowing her daughter to be raised with so much rage and hatred inside her that she self-actualized into having razor sharp wings and traveled back in time to kill the father she thought had abandoned her? Chloe went along with her daughter living with that, knowing what it was going to do to her, how much pain her child would be in for decades until Chloe dies? What the heck happened with the mother who tried repeatedly to explain to Lucifer that sometimes you have to give your child what she needs, not what she wants. And Rory needed a father who loved her and made her feel loved.

    So what if she doesn’t travel back? Once she had, her very presence changed events of the future. Some good, like Dan getting to heaven and Lucifer starting a new path in hell. So why not another positive change? Like Lucifer being there for Chloe, Rory and Trixie? Oh, did we forget about Trixie? The child who was so hurt when Lucifer left for 2 months? So much so that they centered an entire storyline around it in season 5. Just imagine how hurt she would be if Lucifer left again, for good this time. And Chloe would be okay with one of her children being hurt because the other asked her to go along with it?

    The thing about the time travel storyline is that their basis is time isn’t linear. Instead of things taking a positive turn because she came back in time to enlighten them, they have to repeat the same mistakes to make sure she can remain angry to do it again. Up until then, the only time loop was the eternal hell time loop.

    Then, the second time around, once she got to the same point at Chloe’s deathbed as her original time travel, she becomes enlightened because her memory of the time travel is there. So she’s no longer angry anyway – after making her parents live decades apart, her mother without the man she loves, and her sister, who had just lost her dad, and we know was really hurt when Lucifer left the first time, thinking he not only abandoned her pregnant mom and her sister, but also have to deal with being abandoned again.

    So, here’s the question no one seems to answer. If Rory comes to realize what happened before her mom passes away and she is no longer angry and doesn’t travel back in time, didn’t our time loop just fall apart? Why couldn’t she just been raised with the knowledge of why her father wasn’t around all the time? Either way, she knows, and since she knows once she has the memory from the first – and here’s the important fact – *only* time she traveled back in time – why not grow up healthy and happy to begin with? The travel already happened before she was born, events were changed. She doesn’t go back the second time anyway.

    Once, someone answered my question by stating that since she now understood, she just took herself out of the loop. ?? Isn’t *she* the loop? And if its not repeated, is it actually a loop?

    It reminds me of “Back To The Future.” Once Marty comes back to his regular time, he had changed things in the past, and that changed all their pasts and present. If he’d gone back and changed things, then come back to the present with the same crappy reality, what was the point of the movie? So, what was the show’s point, except to make everyone Lucifer loves miserable for decades, so when Chloe does die, she and Lucifer being together for eternity will be a more bittersweet ending?

    Sorry, writers, but it just doesn’ work for me or other fans I’ve talked to.

    As for the ring, good point about the ring not protecting Lucifer when Malcom shot him. But Chloe wouldn’t be immortal because all the ring’s power was used up getting Lucifer into heaven and giving Chloe back her life and returning her soul back to her body. As all of its power was used up, the ring faded from black to white.

    Good catch on the wings.


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