5 Mistakes India Made In The Match Against New Zealand

3. Shami’s absence

The management of the whole team was heavily criticized by the fans everywhere. Mohammad Shami has been a phenomenal player who could have helped the team in the best possible way, but still, he was kept aside from the team. Excluding him wasn’t a good decision after all.

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4. Wrong decisions

Even though the three main cricketers were out, fans hoped that the next ones could try to overcome loss. But when Dinesh Karthik went out with 6 runs and Rishabh Pant went out in 32 runs, fans kind of hoped the best from two other players like Jadeja and Dhoni only. It was predicted by fans that Kedar Jadhav could’ve performed in place of Dinesh Karthik.

5. The top order is responsible

Fans have a lot to blame for today’s defeat but actually its the top order responsible for it. Criticizing Dhoni won’t actually work out because he came to a hero and went a hero. The top order really went wrong and obviously, everyone saw and noticed it.

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