5 Moments When Klaus Mikaelson Wore His Heart On The Sleeve


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The Originals finale was bittersweet. While we are happy that most of our beloved characters got the endings they deserved. Freya places some part of the dark Hollow spirit inside Elijah so Klaus could have his sanity and spend his final day properly. Klaus bids his goodbye to Caroline who tells Klaus that he was never a villain in his history. Klaus and the family engage in the burning wishes tradition. And Klaus admits his true feelings of how the family means everything to him. He says that this is not the end of the Mikaelsons, they will prosper long after he is dead and gone, and he is not worried about Hope.

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In his final moments, he expresses his worry about what lies beyond death, Elijah comforts him that they will face it together. Klaus tells him that he doesn’t deserve the love that Elijah gave him, but he will forever be grateful.


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Klaroline ship officially started when Klaus went to Caroline’s house to heal her. It was on his order that Tyler had bitten Caroline. Klaus displayed an empathetic side when he was with her. He learned that it was her birthday. Caroline who knew Klaus for being aggressive believed he would leave her to die. But Klaus said that it’s her birthday and offered her a choice to heal her if she wanted. Caroline was surprised at his compassion and told her she wants to live. Klaus would heal her, wished her Happy Birthday, and left an expensive diamond bracelet as a gift. Since then, he has displayed care and affection for Caroline.


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Klaus Mikaelson visits to Bayou to mourn the death of Hayley. He regretted that he wasn’t there for Hayley and Hope because he was scared of this moment. He says that the family is curse to each other, but Hope needs his help, but loving her would bring her closer to death. Klaus says that he wants Hope to live her life to the fullest, to love, and to become a strong and beautiful woman like Hayley. He says that he doesn’t know what to do now and wishes Hayley was there. He then carves her name on the Labonair Family tree.

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