5 Most Epic Sam & Dean Winchester Moments That Deserve A Re-watch


Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Supernatural features numerous amazing and entertaining characters, but the heart and soul of the show are Sam and Dean Winchester. The boys are the main essence and core focus of the story. Their relationship is the one main story of the Supernatural. The show starts with Sam and Dean reuniting and they set off on an epic adventure to find their dad, the journey changes them completely, they grow and mature. The 15 Seasons of the Supernatural showcased the unbelievable story of the Winchesters which is full of ups and downs. The boys experience heartbreaks and trauma, they form deep friendships with people, they save the innocents by hunting the monsters, and fight in the celestial war dealing with angels and demons.

So Take A Look At 5 Most Epic Sam & Dean Winchester Moments That Deserve A Re-watch 



Dad’s on a hunting trip and he….That line uttered by Dean Winchester in the pilot episode to Sam marks the beginning of the epic journey of Supernatural. After John Winchester is gone missing, Dean travels to Stanford to ask his brother Sam in tracking their father. Sam who is studying at Stanford and has put his hunting life behind him understands the emergency and agrees to help Dean out. This line will always have an important significance to the Supernatural fandom. There are different versions of this particular phrase that has been used in the Supernatural such as when Jody calls Claire and tells her that Sam and Dean went on a hunting trip and she hasn’t heard from them in a few days.

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5 Most Epic Sam & Dean Winchester Moments That Deserve A Re-watch
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Swan Song is the finale episode of Season 5 and it concludes the storyline created by Eric Kripke which lasted from Season 1 to 5. This episode leads to the epic showdown between Adam (possessed by Michael) and Sam (possessed by Lucifer). But Dean comes charging in along with Bobby and Castiel. Cas takes care of Michael by sending him away temporarily using Holy Oil. An enraged Lucifer explodes Castiel with a snap and also snaps the neck of Bobby. Lucifer starts attacking Dean who cannot fight back. Lucifer who is possessing Sam beats Dean to the pulp before he sees the Plastic Army Man stuck in the Impala. This brings back Sam’s consciousness into awareness who recalls all the happy and warm moments he shared with Dean. The strength of his bond with Dean allows Sam to overpower Lucifer. He opens up the portal to the cage and sacrifices himself by jumping in, locking Lucifer again.


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