5 Most Powerful Spells In The TVD Universe

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries is set in a world inhabited by vampires, werewolves, sirens, and numerous other creatures. All these creatures come into being through the magic and witchcraft. It was a witch who created the vampires, a curse of a witch gave birth to the werewolves. Witches cast their magic using spells, a spell dictates a magical action. It could be performed using a set of words, sometimes there’s a ritual is involved. The spells and rituals of the witches are documented in their Grimoires. They spells can be pretty simple or extremely complex, it depends on the magical potential and experience of the witch to cast it successfully. Their magic comes from the nature and nature maintains a balance and therefore every spell has a loophole that can be manipulated.

So Take A Look At 5 Most Powerful Spells In The TVD Universe


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An Immortality spell as the name suggests alters the lifespan of a living being, making them immortal. It extends the age of the beings or at times gives birth to a new species that is immortal. But since nature demands balance, it is a violation of nature because all living things must die. When Qetsiyah created the immortality spell which developed the elixir that was taken by Silas and Amara. They become the first immortals, however it gave birth to the doppelgangers who died in their place.

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A variation of the Qetsiyah’s immortality spell was used by Esther who turned her children into the Original Vampires. They became powerful, fast, and immortal. However, their descendants were made weak by the nature. The immortality of Originals was tied to the White Oak Tree which also became the only thing that could kill them. Similarly, there’s a creation spell that gave birth to the Huntress and the Brotherhood of the Five, it also used the Qetsiyah’s spell.

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5 Most Powerful Spells In The TVD Universe
The CW

It is the most powerful traveler spell that broke their curse when it destroyed all the impure kinds of magic. After the spell began, it spread and would unbind the impure forms of magic until no such magic remains. The travelers of Markos used this spell in Promised Land to strip all other forms of magic except the traditional magic. This spell caused the destruction of vampires, hybrids, and all creatures who were created using the magic. It means that if a person walked in the domain of this spell, their vampirism or werewolf curse would be reversed.


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