Sympathetic Ghosts In Supernatural That Made Our Eyes Teary

2. Fiona Duncan (FAMILY FEUD)

The CW

In an alternate timeline, Fiona became a vengeful ghost due to the actions of Abaddon who abducted Gavin MacLeod and stopped him from boarding the ship ‘The Star’ which would eventually sank. Fiona and Gavin fell in love with each other, they got engaged and decided to start a new life together. Together they were supposed to board the ship, but when Gavin didn’t show up, Fiona stayed on the ship where the men on the ship forced themselves upon her while her teacher who witnessed all this didn’t help her. She would re-emerge as a vengeful spirit who would target the teachers in the present day. When Gavin conjures Fiona, she reveals the horrific fate that befell her. Eventually, Gavin is sent back to the past where they embrace each other and together board the ship.

1. Bobby Singer (SEASON 7)

The CW

Bobby Singer has been the heart of the show. The father figure to Sam and Dean Winchester met a tragic fate when the bullet of the Leviathan Roman hit him in the head. He passed away tragically, but rejects moving on. In his spirit form, he does help the boys through communicating with other spirits and pointing them in the right direction. While slowly down the line, he turns into a vengeful spirit when his desire for revenge becomes more important than the life of an innocent. Throughout the Season 7 and 8, we see Bobby in a ghost form who is trying to get justice for the wrong done to him and seeks a closure. Even in the form of a ghost, he was able to provide valuable assistance to the boys.

These are some of the examples that display the complexity of the ghost characters who have appeared on the show Supernatural and how the show managed to explore the human emotions & motivations even behind the supernatural happenings.

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