5 Most Unusual Schools That Will Surprise You!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Education is different all around the world. When it comes to school all of us pretty much have the same understanding you go to your local school learn and then come home. But for some people across the world things are a little bit different then what were used to and that’s what were going to be talking about today. Before we get started I want to know whats the weirdest thing you were ever taught in school? Let me know your answers down in the comments. Alright without further a due lets get started on our list of the top most unusual schools.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Most Unusual Schools That Will Surprise You!

5. Witch School

5 Most Unusual Schools That Will Surprise You!

This school is not surprisingly based in Salem. You apply to this school if you want to become a witch or magician. The school had more than forty thousand students at its peek who study witchcraft. They offer online courses or on site courses at their school in Salem. All this started Back in 2001 when the school first launched its website which offered the online classes. They offer courses related to Pagan and Wiccan thought. They had over twenty thousand student join since they first opened their site. Then due to the websites success, in 2003 their first campus was established. Sorcery is one of the required subjects that must be taken by all students. As it stands now there are no physical campuses and the school is only online.

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4. Gulu Elementary

This school is located in China. The school only has one teacher and that is Shen Qijun. You can tell the kids who attend this school must really value education because getting to the campus is not easy. Every day the kids must climb dangerous mountains that include sharp turns and very narrow passageways. And not only that but it takes some of the students a total of five hours just to get to school. But children must travel this far as this is the only school for the children who live here. Many locals refer to this campus as the elementary school in the clouds.


3. Forest Kindergarten

These are outdoor schools that are based through Europe. They offer preschool education for children between the ages of 3 and 6. No matter the weather classes are almost exclusively held outdoors. In this preschool children are encouraged to play explore and learn in the forest. The teachers for these classes are just there to keep the kids safe rather than guide them. They help to assist the child when need be but they arn’t to lead the children or make authoritative decisions. They want the children to prosper by being as independent as they can.

2. Cave School

This school is located in one of China’s poorest areas and has been a place of learning since 1994. And it just so happens to be in a cave. The school was solely built as a necessity to educate the kids who didn’t have access to any other type of education. Despite the sparse interior the school does have some benefits such as plenty of fresh air and the teachers say the acoustics are perfect for choir training.

Also biology became an exciting class as the kids were able to observe animals that actually lived in the cave such as lizards and bats. Up until 2011, this school was run by 8 teachers and had 186 students. However the school closed after the Chinese government declared that the country is not a society of cavemen. And even though they closed the school, the government has yet to do anything to improve the situation in the area and now close to 200 children are left without an education.

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1. Trabajo Ya School

This school is located in Spain. And little fun fact for you guys about Spain did you know prostitution is legal there? Yep, its true there are between 200 thousand to 400 thousand prostitutes in Spain today. And this schools name translates into Work Now and they teach women who want to become prostitutes, the most effective tricks of the trade.

The school draws people in by posting ads about there classes as they know this is a profitable business that offers instant employment. Classes run for only a week and they teach students in both theory and practice. For 120 dollars students are taught the history and evolution of prostitution as well as business skills and how to be discrete. They also have a daily hour practical skill session where students learn about love making toys and how to make love. No surprise this school came under a lawsuit however it still continues to operate.

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