5 Movies Featuring The Supernatural Cast That You Should Watch


Welcome back to Humor Nation. While most of you are familiar with these actors only because of Supernatural. Without a doubt, Supernatural will always remain the great highlight of their illustrious careers, but at times Supernatural eclipses their other work. These actors have worked in other projects also including many TV shows and movies. Knowing how passionate the SPN fandom is, it is very likely that you probably have seen these movie already, but in case if you have not. Then it’s time that you definitely check out these amazing films and be entertained.

So Take A Look At 5 Movies Featuring The Supernatural Cast That You Should Watch


The Boy is a horror film directed by William Bell and it stars Lauren Cohan in the lead role. She plays the role of a woman named Greta Evans who travels to UK where she is hired for the role of a Nanny by the family of the Heelshires. The family introduces her to their son named Brahms who is actually a doll. Before leaving on their holiday, the Heelshires inform Greta all the dos and donts. They provide her with a list of rules that she must abide by. Things get surprisingly weird when Greta ignores a rule and learns that the doll is actually alive. Now Greta might fight for her life and survive at all costs.

Supernatural Characters And Their Best Episode On The Show


Even though JDM appeared in Supernatural as John Winchester for only a handful of episodes, but his character has been pretty significant to the story of SPN. JDM is well-known for his acting roles in the movies. JDM ha appeared in numerous commercial and critical acclaimed movies. His list of films include ‘The Losers’, ‘Rampage’, ‘The Possession’, ‘The Unholy’, ‘Watchmen’. For the Supernatural fans, the film ‘The Unholy’ will resonate the most. JDM plays the character of a journalist named Gerry Fenn who investigates cases which are paranormal and strange. He comes across the case of a girl named Alice who was impaired, but was able to speak and hear after coming across a doll. The is a captivating movie which consists of some good scares and a suspenseful ambience. It has certain elements which would give you a feel that you are watching an episode of Supernatural. This is the hunting trip where ‘Dad’ had gone to.


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