5 Movies Like Ratsasan That You Should Watch Today

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Ratsasan is one of the best psychological thrillers of this decade. The film tells the story of an ambitious film director who sacrifices his dream to become a film director and takes up the police force as a career. He comes across a serial killer and now he must use all his knowledge and skills to track down the culprit. The film was so successful that it was remade as ‘Rakshasudu’ in Telugu. If you are someone who has recently seen this amazing movie and are now looking for movies similar to Ratsasan then you have come to the right place. Today we will be listing down movies similar to Ratsasan that you will definitely enjoy.

5 Movies Like Ratsasan That You Should Watch Today

So Take A Look At 5 Movies Like Ratsasan That You Should Watch Today

5. The Stoneman Murders (2009)

5 Movies Like Ratsasan That You Should Watch Today

This movie is based on the real life serial killings which took place in 1980’s in Mumbai. The mystery killer of the helpless victims who were the footpath dwellers was never caught by the police. The movie attempts to answer the questions revolving around this mysterious case. The name ‘Stoneman’ was given by the newspapers in Calcutta to the mysterious and unidentified killer who was never caught. It is speculated that the similar killings which took place in 1985-89 were also the work of the same person.

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4. Baishe Srabon (2011)

This movie revolves around two police cops who are chasing a vengeful psychopath killer. He leaves behind the couplets from Bengali poems at the site of his victims. The movie has plenty of thrilling moments which will keep you at the edge of your seats. The film has a surprising twist which will leave you speechless. The film takes an inspiration from the Hollywood films ‘Righteous Kill’ and ‘Seven’. A sequel to this film was released


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