5 Movies That Landed Into Problems Due To Their Religious Content

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There are many films in this industry that landed into various kinds of controversies due to its content. Some of the films became a victim of religious groups too and faced a lot of trouble, sometimes due to such religious conflicts films got stopped from their release and had to stay still for while to release calmly. So today we’ll discuss some films that faced problem due to religious matters, so let’s start.

Here is a list of those 5 films that landed into trouble due to religious content!

1. PK

5 Movies That Landed Into Problem Due To Their Religious Content

This film was basically about the superstitious belief of one person in their religion and how to break such norms while keeping their sentiments. But still, this film faced a lot of trouble from every religion and landed into tons of controversy just before its release date and some people even went on streets to protest in order to stop the release of this movie. Though this film dealt with dozens of problems still it became the highest grosser of the year and was even appreciated in China box-office.

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2. Padmaavat

5 Movies That Landed Into Problem Due To Their Religious Content

Padmaavat was the most controversial film that landed into lots of troubles and controversies last year. Many religious groups attacked this movie and protested for a long time to ban the release of this movie as they thought that the content of the movie was totally distorted and wasn’t based on real historical facts. The film was scheduled to release on 1st December 2017 but due to lots of problems and banning it released on 25th January 2018.

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