5 Movies That Landed Into Problems Due To Their Religious Content

3. Oh My God!

The plot of this film was also based on the superstitious beliefs of people and this film faced a lot of problem from various religious groups. Petitions were also filed against this film and for months this movie dealt with religious controversies but soon everything went fine when the makers made sure that the Hindus sentiments are not hurt.

4. Jodha Akbar

This epic movie also went into trouble as the Rajputs thought that the director of this movie had completed distorted the real story and so many Rajputs blocked the screening of this movie. They actually claimed that Jodha was Salim’s wife, not Akbar’s and Ashutosh Gowariker, the director of this movie clearly said that the story is backed up by famous historians and distortion of the plot is not done.

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5. Kedarnath

This movie is set to release on 7th of December but this movie also gets covered with controversies as some priests accuse the makers of this film to promote love-jihad and claim that this movie also hurts the religious sentiments of Hindus in this country. The priests are currently demanding to ban this movie but as this is Sara Ali Khan’s debut movie, Saif Ali Khan takes the matter in his own hands and is trying his best to resolve this matter.

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