5 Oldest Actors In The Show Supernatural


The CW

Age at the time of appearance – 56 Years

Jim Beaver is globally recognized for his role as Bobby Singer in the fantasy drama Supernatural. Right from the beginning, the actor was drawn to the films. He participated in school dramas and published short stories while in high school. After graduating, he enrolled in the Marines where he was trained as a Radio Operator. After being released from active duty, he became fully invested in the art of theater and earned up earning a degree in Oral Communications. Jim has worked as a theater artist, has written scripts for TV shows, and he has also worked as a film archivist. Bobby’s character was created just because the actress Loretta Devna of ‘Missouri Moseley’ was unable to make an appearance in the finale episode. Hence, Bobby’s character was written which was supposed to be temporary, but seeing the response from the fans, he ended up becoming a regular character. Except, Dean and Sam, Bobby is the only character who has appeared in every season since Season 1.

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The CW

Age at the time of appearance – 69 Years

The character of Lily Sunder first appeared in Season 12 where the role was portrayed by Alicia Witt. Lily was an expert in apocalyptic literature who fell in love with an angel. But after the daughter was eliminated by the angels, she vowed to take revenge on the angels and started practicing Enochian magic at the expense of her soul. Lily Sunder reappeared in Season 14 episode ‘Byzantium’, appearing as an old woman due to the toll that Enochian magic has extracted on her body. The Winchesters request her to save Jack. Even though Lily is not guaranteed a place in heaven, but she sacrifices her remaining soul to bring Jack back. Anubis informs Lily that due to her selfless action she can be now reunited with her daughter.


5 Oldest Actors In The Show Supernatural
The CW

Age at the time of appearance – 61 Years

Sam Hennings began his acting career in 1985. He has acted in several movies, some of his popular works include; Aviator, Havoc, Drop Zone, Shout, and lot more. The actor has appeared in various popular TV shows such as Dallas, Star Trek, ER, Eyes, The Mentalist, and Supernatural. Sam Hennings appeared in Season 6 Episode ‘Frontierland’ playing the role of the iconic Samuel Colt. Samuel Colt created the ‘Colt’ that could eliminate everything except five things in existence. Interestingly, the character of Samuel Colt is based on a real historical person of the same name. There were even talks to launch a spin-off revolving around Samuel Colt set in the period of the wild west.

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