5 Originals Spin-off Ideas That CW Should Pick Up Today

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The main plot of the Originals is the birth of Hope, the miracle baby of Klaus and Hayley. This child could be the redemption of the Mikaelsons, it brings the family together as they reunite and fight against all the enemies that threaten Hope. The show also explores the backstories of the characters, the history of the Original Vampires, their complicated relationships, and introduces us to a variety of new characters. Unlike TVD, Originals has a more serious and mature taste in the storylines. It moved away from the teenage love drama, the love triangles, and the doppelgangers which made it a hit. Towards the final season, the Originals began a launchpad for TVD’s second spin-off ‘Legacies’ revolving around a teenager Hope Mikaelson who has enrolled at the Salvatore School for the Gifted. The show followed her adventures along with new characters in a different setting. While Legacies didn’t really make the same impact as Originals did. TVD Universe is pretty vast and there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to spin-offs.

So Take A Look At 5 Originals Spin-off Ideas That CW Should Pick Up Today


The CW

Many consider Season 3 of the Originals to be the best one. Season 3 had a lot going on. From the introduction of the first sired vampires of the Mikaelsons to the arrival of Strix, and the birth of the Upgraded Original Vampires. All this resulted in an entertaining television. The Trinity which is referred to the alliance of Lucien Castle, Aurora de Martel, and Tristan de Martel pushed the Mikaelson Family to the limits and caused them great loss. While the Originals did touch on their origins, showing us the flashbacks of how they met the Mikaelsons.

The CW

But there’s a lot to be explored. The Trinity posing as the Mikaelsons and being on a run for a century. Tristan saving and giving a new identity to the Strix. Lucien’s rise as a business typhoon, and of course the chaotic adventures of Aurora de Martel. The spin-off could cover their long 1000 years of vampire history. It could cover the sirelines war, the politics and dynamics of the factions.

6 Vampire Diaries Spin-off Ideas That CW Should Pick Up Today


The CW

The character of Esther was introduced in Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries. She was labelled as the ‘Original Witch’. But is it because she is the first witch in the Mikaelson Family? There’s a lot to be explored about the witch heritage of Esther. She came from a powerful bloodline of witches. A spin-off that could explore the past of Esther and Dahlia. It could also narrate how Esther’s family acquired such powers, her relationship with Dahlia, the love story of Mikael & Esther.


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