5 Originals Spin-off Ideas That CW Should Pick Up Today


5 Originals Spin-off Ideas That CW Should Pick Up Today
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The Originals did a tremendous job of exploring the werewolf community and lore. We learned that there are seven different bloodlines of the wolves. In Season 4, we were shown how the werewolves came into the existence. It was due to the curse of a powerful witch named Inadu who caused the tribes to transform into the beasts. A spin-off focusing on the Origin of Werewolves, from the days of Inadu to the modern day New Orleans. Before Marcel started ruling the city, the werewolves controlled the French Quarters, but their inner conflict proved to be disastrous and also resulted in their downfall. It would be interesting to see the dominion of the Werewolves in New Orleans. Also, the relationship between the Labonair and Kenner bloodlines, the two main families of the Crescent Wolf pack.


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Kol Mikaelson was feared as a vampire due to the amount of chaos and destruction he caused in his long lifetime. But when he became a witch again, after taking the possession of Kaleb, he expressed how much he loves magic. As his relationship with Davina blossomed, he assisted her in magic and taught her spells she never knew. Kol revealed how he traveled all across the world, studied witchcraft of all kinds, and collected relics & objects that are priceless. A spin-off featuring Kol’s run in with the witches all across the globe would be pretty fun. Even though there’s a spin-off titled ‘The Originals Awakening’ which has four episodes that are 2-minute long, exploring the backstory of Kol Mikaelson in New Orleans, but it doesn’t do justice. This spin-off could also feature Davina in the present day, now she’s married to Kol, together they deal with different Supernatural threats.


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The Originals has plenty of amazing characters, each character has the potential for a spin-off. Take for example, Marcel Gerard, it would be amazing to see a spin-off of him from the time he left Klaus to be his own man. It could cover his time in the army to his love adventures with Rebekah in the 1920s before they called Mikael. It could also cover the time as how he rose to the power after the Mikaelsons fled the town, him building an army and overthrowing the wolves. Another character who has an amazing potential for spin-off is Freya Mikaelson. We were introduced to Freya in Originals Season 2. But she too has a 1000-year long history which wasn’t covered entirely. Her love story with Mathias, how she escaped Dahlia, and her life before she was reunited with her siblings.

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