5 People Who Jokingly Mocked God And Then Died!

All the religions in this world shows its devotees to submit to its sacred laws, the believers of any religion have to abide the laws that the religion preaches and teaches. God likewise also disallows us from testing its power. Popularity, fame, cash, having a powerful and bigger name does not give you the permission to think you are bigger than the God or way more powerful than his reach.

So today Humor Nation is bringing you a list of five famous individuals who famously tested God, challenged him in a way and they all wound up dead. It is said that God wiped out these specific individuals for proclamations, the controversial statements that they made about him. Regardless of whether that is true or a mere coincidence, it is known just to God, yet we can investigate whether they truly put forth the expressions credited to them.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 People Who Jokingly Mocked God And Then Died!

5. If only Marilyn Monroe had turned to God, maybe he would have helped her.

5 People Who Jokingly Mocked God And Then Died!

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4. Bon Scott’s death is just so bizarre, he choked on his own vomit..that’s tragic.


3. Never ever challenge God and you must never try to test his power. Tancredo Neves tried doing that and look what happened.

2. Thomas Andrews made an open challenge and God gladly accepted it.

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1. John Lennon said in a controversial interview that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ. You shouldn’t have said that John.

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