5 Places In India Where Indians Are Not Allowed!

Can you believe that there are places in India where Indians are not allowed. It might sound funny and ironic, but it’s true! Yes there are places in India which do not allow the country’s citizens to enter in it.  Most of these places are run by Indians and allow entry to only foreigners or Indians with a foreign passport. Today we are going to list out five such places in India where Indians are not allowed.

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So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Places In India Where Indians Are Not Allowed!


In 2012 this hotel was set up in Bengaluru. The main purpose of this hotel was to serve only Japanese people. Since it was opened exclusively for the Japanese, Indians were denied entry in the hotel. Indians are not allowed to enter the hotel especially at the Rooftop Restaurant. However in 2014, the Greater Bangalore City Corporation shut down the hotel on the grounds of racial discrimination.

Indians Are Not Allowed Places

This hotel in Bengaluru was set up in 2012, exclusively for the Japanese. So Indians were denied access inside the hotel and especially at the rooftop restaurant. However, after the complaints by the locals, the hotel was soon shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation in the year 2014 on charges of racial discrimination.


Goa, the most famous tourist spot in India. Every day thousands of people from India and all over the world visit this place. However there are a number of beach shacks which allow only Foreign tourists and deny entry to the Indians. Even many restaurant owners prefer foreign tourists over Indians. They justify it by saying that they are saving the beach wet foreign guests from the lusty gazes presumably because only Indians are capable of lusty gazes.


There is a certain hotel in Chennai which is infamous for only serving customers who possess a foreign passport. This hotel was given the pseudonym of “Highlands” in a story published in Deccan Herald. The hotel has enforced a strong “NO INDIAN” policy which means you can only stay in hotel if you are in a possession of a foreign passport otherwise you’re not welcome. This infamous hotel has been given the pseudonym of Highlands, but some sources suggest that the hotel in the published story is BROADLANDS in Triplicane.

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Another famous coastal getaways in India which attracts tourists from all over the world. However the situation here is quite similar to Goa. A number of beaches, shacks and restaurants in Puducherry only allow the foreigners. Many of the places here are reserved exclusively for foreign tourists.


Kasol, an area that is one of the most calm, relaxing, wonderful places in Himachal Pradesh has also attracted controversy along with the tourists. The Kasol Cafe became infamous in mid 2015 after a story of a Cafe owner refused to serve an Indian while welcoming the foreigners went viral on the Internet.

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