5 Places Where Cannibals Can Legally Eat People!

We'll be talking about those places where cannibals can legally eat human flesh. It's very hard to believe that cannibalism still exists.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys. We are going to discuss something pretty dark and disturbing topic today. We’ll be talking about those places where cannibals can legally eat human flesh. It’s very hard to believe that cannibalism still exists in the 21st century.

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Places Where Cannibals Can Legally Eat People

1. Indonesia

The tribes of Papua in Indonesia are one of the last surviving cannibals tribe that still regularly engage in cannibalism. According to an article, eating flesh is central to their culture. In 2006, an Australian journalist was able to spend time with the tribe and discovered that they eat people to ward off evil spirits. These cannibals eat everything except their hair, nails, teeth, bones and penis. The body is cut up into sections of meat and prepared using banana leaves.

2. Uganda

In Uganda, there is no law on cannibalism although murder is still a crime. Over the past few years peaking in around 2014, many reports of Ugandan cannibals have surfaced. A Brooklyn based filmmaker Matthew Goldman went to Uganda to interview many cannibals and one of them was called Baba Lua. The man said that he had been fed flesh as a child and had no choice in the matter. Although, he only eats dead people. From then on, he began loving the taste of human flesh. While there is no law on the practice in many countries, it has become a problem in Uganda where many people keep attacking homes and businesses of suspected cannibals.

3. Cambodia

In 2002 in Cambodia, 2 crematorium workers were arrested for eating human body parts washed down with a bottle of wine. However, the pair were released from prison when the law could not punish them. Cannibalism is not a crime in Cambodia and the victims were already dead. Although, the desecration of a corpse without the family’s consent would have been a punishable offense. Something very similar again happened ten years later in Cambodia. Once again 2 crematorium workers actually ate the fingers and toes of a body they were cremating. Sadly, cannibalism was on rise in Cambodia in the 70’s when the citizens were suffering from famine and they had no choice.

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4. India

Like Cambodia, India does not have a law specifying the eating human flesh is illegal. There is actually still tribes that regularly eat people and are feared across the rest of the country. The Aghori monks of Varanasi feed on human flesh and can be seen eating human flesh at cremation sites. Now, this is all in the name of spiritual enlightenment. They also use human skulls as cups to drink water and other stuff. They also like to drink urine because they believe in engaging with taboos actually brings them closer to enlightenment.

5. China

So, it’s bad enough eating human flesh but in China people have been eating human babies. Brace yourself because this is pretty grim. In China, there has been an overwhelming number of people actually eating aborted fetuses to boost stamina and health. In 2011, South Korean customs seized thousands of pills containing powdered baby flesh which had been smuggled in from China. There was actually a documentary made about the practice that aired in South Korea which showed doctors refrigerating dead babies. An undercover reporter found that hospitals sell the dead babies to paying customers who want to eat them for their health. One consumer even said that he would cook the fetuses in a soup with ginger and orange peel which is so grim.

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