5 Polarizing Opinions About The Supernatural That Have The Fans Divided



While Supernatural managed to touch all the genres in the right amount, whether it’s horror, comedy, drama, or thriller. This is what made the show so special. When it comes to humor, SPN used the Buffy formula and amplified it to a different level. Some of the best episodes such as ‘The French Mistake’, ‘Changing Channels’, ‘Mystery Spot’, and lot others contain humor in a good amount. Whether it is Sam losing his shoe or Dean fighting with a pigeon and hanging out with a dog, the show managed to fit in the comic elements at the right place while retaining the dark tone. There are some fans who believe that SPN lost its touch in the later seasons, it sort of became a parody of itself, included too much comical elements, more than what was needed. While Kripke’s Original Season 1-5 had everything in right amount, later seasons were a mess. But what do you guys think?

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While John Winchester gets the bad reputation of being the absentee father, an irresponsible, brute father who raised his kids into the hunting life, all for his personal revenge. John robbed the boys of his childhood. But if you look everything in retrospective, John did all he could to protect his children by making them prepared for the Supernatural World. Losing the love of his life had broken him, he coped the only way he knew. Whereas Mary Winchester who was brought back to life in Season 11 finale by Amara got a second chance to make everything right. But the way she handled her second chance at life, makes everyone wonder if she was the worse than John. But can Mary really be blamed? Returning to life after decades, seeing your babies grow into adults and being skilled hunters. She became somewhat distant and act selfishly to process the situation. The boys she knew were gone and she couldn’t do anything to change them, and struggled to deal with the reality.


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If you have seen Supernatural then one thing you know for sure is that Sam is always going to choose Dean and Dean is always going to choose Sam over anything else. The brothers always have each other’s back. However, in preserving each other, they often up causing great chaos and destruction. They even threaten the Universe and the other human lives when they place each other over everything else. What do you think about their co-dependency? However, in the end, Sam was able to let Dean go. He went on to live his life normally, start a family, and eventually was reunited with his brother in afterlife.

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