5 Polarizing Opinions About The Vampire Diaries That Have The Fans Divided

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Fans are the heart and soul of any television series. Without the fans, no show can be ever successful. Storylines are changed or altered according to the response of the fans. Often times, deceased characters are brought back on the fans’ demand. But fans are not always united on everything, different fans have different opinions when it comes to characters, storylines, and their preferences. You might have seen the fans divided over various subjects whether it’s the romantic relationships of the characters or the personalities of the protagonists. But what are the most polarizing opinions about the Vampire Diaries?

So Take A Look At 5 Polarizing Opinions About The Vampire Diaries That Have The Fans Divided


5 Polarizing Opinions About The Vampire Diaries That Have The Fans Divided
The CW

One of the best thing about the Vampire Diaries is its popular ships. Everyone is well familiar with ships such as Delena, Stelena, Klaroline, Klamille, Steroline, and lot more. While the most heated topic of debate is which relationship between the titular characters is the OTP? Should Elena have ended with Stefan instead of Damon? Is Caroline the true love of Klaus or is it just their superficial chemistry which tricks the fans in thinking they are made for each other. Ever since TVD aired, the fans have been in constant debate as to which ship is the OTP! The Stelena Vs Delena debate is eternal.

Supporters of Stelena put forth the arguments such as Elena and Stefan are destined to be together as they are doppelgangers, they would always find each other. Both Stefan and Elena are great friends before being the lovers. Stefan inspires the goodness, his moral & compassionate personality brings out the best in Elena. Whereas the supporters of Delena also have several valid and convincing arguments such as their undeniable and intense chemistry which is pretty evident in every scene. The union of Elena & Damon also defied destiny as Elena chose Damon over Stefan. Damon never judged Elena and accepted her in every way; whether she’s a human or vampire. But most importantly, it was the love of Elena which resulted in the redemption of Damon. Now coming to Klaroline Vs Klamille debate, while Klaus & Caroline every scene they were in together, but the profound connection that Klaus shared with Camille, and how much Camille helped Klaus in accepting himself also cannot be denied.


5 Polarizing Opinions About The Vampire Diaries That Have The Fans Divided
The CW

The Vampire Diaries is one of the few shows ever where a strong case could be made that the spin-off series is better than the Original series. The Originals is the TVD spin-off series which centers around the Mikaelson Siblings as they try repairing their broken family while fighting for power and kingdom. Many consider Originals to be far superior than the Vampire Diaries due to its mature and serious tone, brilliant performances, and refreshing storylines such as departure from the love triangles and doppelgangers repeated arcs. However, a big portion believes TVD is superior due to its diversity of supernatural beings, diversity of storylines, various themes such as family, friendship, and romantic love. Which show do you think is superior?


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