5 Polarizing Opinions About The Vampire Diaries That Have The Fans Divided


5 Polarizing Opinions About The Vampire Diaries That Have The Fans Divided
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Both Stefan and Damon are heartthrob sensations, it’s nearly impossible to choose any one. Both are handsome, charming, captivating personalities, and got everything that a man could wish for. However, both of these brothers are entirely different. Damon is somewhat terrifying, short tempered, sarcastic, and unapologetically himself all the time. Damon could be borderline at times who lets the emotions gets the best of him at times. However, once you get to know the tragic backstory of Damon, all of his action seem justified. He was looked down and unloved by his father who also punished him for any and every reason. Despite of all his flaws, he did change himself for his closed loved ones such as Stefan, Elena, and Bonnie. This presents a case for Damon being the best man.

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Stefan Salvatore is what every man can aspire to be. Despite possessing Supernatural power and abilities, Stefan lives his life like a normal human, he avoid any soul at all costs. He has a deeply compassionate nature, always respectful and caring for other humans. But he has a dark side, the Ripper Stefan which cannot control his animalistic impulses and causes all sorts of chaos and destruction. So who do you think is really the best man? Many people believe Damon isn’t as bad as he is painted to be. Nearly every TVD character has some skeletons in their closet, Damon is relatively less evil.

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Bonnie’s treatment on the show has been a subject of heated debate. Majority of the fans believe Bonnie has been treated extremely poorly by the writers. Her story arc didn’t get the happy ending that she received. Bonnie should have walked into the sunset with Enzo, but she lost Enzo. Throughout the show, she has lost plenty of her loved ones. Secondly, Bonnie didn’t get good storylines when her character is compared to the other characters especially Elena and the Salvatores. Throughout the show, Bonnie was the one making the tough sacrifices for everyone else. Whether it’s fighting the Originals or sacrificing herself to save her loved ones. Bonnie was always at the wrong end of the deal. What do you think about Bonnie’s treatment? How do you think the show should have handled her character?


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When you are a fan of a character, it’s easy to overlook all their mistakes. You see everything from their perspective. Characters such as Klaus Mikaelson and Damon Salvatore started off as villains, but they transformed into anti-heroes, and eventually heroes. But there’s a portion of fans who believe that the atrocities committed by these characters cannot be simply forgotten. We shouldn’t just label them as heroes. What good did Damon really do apart from his deeds done for Elena? It can be argued that he’s just as evil and bad as he has always been, the only good part about him is his love for Elena. Similarly, some fans suggest that Klaus is the greatest evil who is perhaps worse than Damon. Some even question his redemption. But what do you guys think? Do you think Damon and Klaus redeemed themselves or like some fans, do you also see them as villains?

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