5 Popular And Successful Stars Who Appeared In Vampire Diaries

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Vampire Diaries aired in 2009 and this is a TV adaptation of the novel book series of the name which are written by the author LJ Smith. Even though numerous Twilight comparisons were made, but TVD is unique and entirely different. The show comprised of new faces, a very young and fresh cast. While some of the actors had appeared in movies and TV shows in small capacity prior to their big break on the Vampire Diaries. But some started their acting careers with TVD which proved to be a game changer. The show created stars such as Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, and many others who would go on to work in major films and release music albums. But did you know there are some actors who we didn’t think would become major successful stars. Even though their time on the TVD was brief, appearing mainly in cameos and small roles. But they would then go on to appear as a lead in hit roles and various hit movies.

So Take A Look At Popular And Successful Stars Who Appeared In Vampire Diaries


Popular And Successful Stars Who Appeared In Vampire Diaries
The CW

Lauren Cohan’s major break came when she appeared as Bela Talbot in Supernatural. After her SPN departure, she appeared in Vampire Diaries as the Vampire Rose, the sire of Katherine who abducted Elena Gilbert to strike a deal with Elijah Mikaelson to obtain her freedom. Rose grew closer to Damon as she managed to see through his facade, understood his love for Elena. But Rose was bitten by Jules at a time when werewolf cure wasn’t known in TVD. Lauren’s character Rose lasted for a couple of episodes, but the impact of the character was significant. After her TVD departure, she landed a role in ‘The Walking Dead’ as Maggie Greene which is the most successful project of her career. Lauren would soon be promoted to the main actor status making her one of the successful and well-paid actresses. Apart from TWD, she has appeared in films such as ‘The Boy’, ‘Mile 22’.

Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries


Popular And Successful Stars Who Appeared In Vampire Diaries
The CW

Arielle Kebbel’s first major role was Lindsay in the Gilmore Girls. She would appear in cameo scenes and small roles in various shows such as Entourage, CSI: Miami, Shark, Clubhouse, No Heroics, but her first big role came when she was cast as Lexi Branson in the Vampire Diaries. Lexi is a close friend of Stefan who always counselled him and helped him through the tough times. Arielle appeared in a total of 8 times and she was happily reunited with Stefan in the afterlife. After TVD, she became a part of Ballers which was produced by Dwayne Johnson who also starred in the lead role. Arielle played the role of Tracy Legette who is a sports caster who becomes romantically involved with Dwayne Johnson’s character Spencer. The actress would next appear in the fantasy Supernatural show titled Midnight, Texas appearing in the main role of Olivia Charity. Arielle would star in NBC’s show Lincoln Rhyme in the titular role of Amelia Sachs who is a newly recruit, but highly intuitive police officer.


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