5 Rare Mental Disorders Everyone Must Know!

Rare mental disorders
There are many mental disorders of which everyone is well-versed about.Depression,schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder etc.

There are many mental disorders of which everyone is well-versed about like Depression,schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder etc. These disorders are commonly known and have so many treatments available. But here we present you some of the rare disorders which prevails in our society but are not easily recognizable due to lack of information. And because they are not recognized, they are not treated on time and people suffer more.

Take A Look At 5 Rare Mental Health Disorders Everyone Must Know

1.Alice in wonderland syndrome/Todd syndrome

Todd syndrome or lilliputian hallucinations, commonly known as Alice in wonderland syndrome is neurological disorienting illness that particularly affects perception of a person. Person suffering this condition experience size distortion such as Micropsia, Macropsia, Pelopsia, Teleopsia etc. This syndrome primarily affect children. AIWS affects human visual perception and involves a stack of symptoms that include distorted perception of shapes of animate and inanimate objects that appears to be larger or smaller than usual.

Typical migraine (an aura, visual derangement, hemi-cranial headache, nausea, and vomiting) is an important cause and associated feature of AIWS.[4,5,6,7,8] Temporal lobe epilepsy is another causal factor. Brain tumors may trigger temporary AIWSAIWS is relatively common in children.

Typical migraine is the symptoms that can occur multiple times in a day for short intervals, Temporal lobe epilepsy is another factor. Some people have it all their lives with occasional occurrences of symptoms.There is no proven treatment for this condition.

2. Dissociative Amnesia/ Dissociative Fugue

Mental traumas have a very deep effect on a persons brain. People forget to differentiate between what is real and what is virtual. Sometimes they even leads to detachment of an individual with its real surroundings. Two very diverse affect are these conditions which are called Dissociative Amnesia/ Dissociative Fugue.

Dissociative Amnesia makes a person detach from the real surroundings temporarily and makes a person lose contact  with whats going on in his real life environment, whereas Dissociative Fugue is more specific; It makes a person unclear  about his/her own identity and memories. Scientists believe that it is the cause of huge traumatic events like war, calamities or disasters. Even it is often a way to avoid or escape horrible memories. Treatment tends to focus trauma targeted therapy.

3. Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder

This combination of disorders  is also abbreviated as DDD. DDD basically have two elements: A feeling that the world isn’t real and a feeling that you yourself doesn’t exist. This is very scary disease because the sufferers can’t even believe in their own existence. They feel detached from what their bodies and mind do in the world.

They feel derealization as well, they also feel as if they’re cut off from the world around them, walking around in a bubble or mist, as if people are talking to them from far away. Epilepsy, PTSD, major depression, and substance disorders  are major symptoms. Episodes can be prolonged or short, and treatment is therapeutic.

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4. Dependent Personality Disorder

This is a personality disorder and personality disorders are bit confusing areas of mental health because of symptoms that appears normal to some people. But personality disorders can disorient a person if left unacknowledged and untreated. DPD is the most common personality disorder. Nearly 2.5% of the total population of the world have this . It is observed that personality disorder is clinging, submissive, needy behavior due to fear of abandonment.

DPD is a paralytic neediness, and it is observed more in women than men. Personality disorders are mainly treated with one common treatment i.e. psychotherapy. DPD tends to manifest in young adulthood and be persistent throughout one’s life, overwhelming everything.

5. Diogenes Syndrome

This condition is  mainly observed in old age people. Diogenes was a famed ancient philosopher who rejected worldly comforts; he lived in a barrel and when Alexander the Great reputedly asked him if he wanted anything, he responded “For you to stop blocking the sun.” people who suffer from Diogenes retreat from the world, stop seeing people or caring for themselves properly, hoard things and neglect personal hygiene. This condition need lot of care to be taken.

This is often associated with the development of the Dementia. Hence, it is important for the people with elderly to be aware of the signs. The appearance of Diogenes Syndrome in frontal-lobe dementia is pretty common: 36 percent of the frontal-lobe patients go through it. It does seem to be a fairly clear sign of trauma or mental degeneration, so if you see this happening in a grandparent or neighbor, try to help them. Dementia can’t be cured, but treatments try to manage the symptoms and progression.

This was all for this time. Hope you have gained a lot of things about some rare disorders. Be aware be safe! Keep following us for more interesting stuff and like our Facebook Page- Humor Nation.







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