5 Reasons Why Every Supernatural Fan Must Watch ‘The Boys’

Welcome to Humor Nation. The Boys has aired on Amazon Prime Video and the reviews of the show are favorable. If you still haven’t seen the show then do check it out! Now you’ll ask the reason why? Well, for starters the show has co-created by Eric Kripke who is the creator of Supernatural. If you enjoyed Supernatural then you will surely love this one. Since there’s still time for season 15 of Supernatural to the premier and you must be tired watching the re-runs so check out this one. The Boys is full of drama, fantasy, and blood which will captivate your attention. It is based on the comic book of the same name.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Reasons Why Every Supernatural Fan Must Watch ‘The Boys’


5 Reasons Why Every Supernatural Fan Must Watch 'The Boys'

One of the reasons why we love Supernatural is music. The Boys also have plenty of scenes where the classic 70s rock music is used. We are familiar with Dean Winchester’s love for the classic old school rock, similarly, the music tracks used on Boys also have their place. While Dean has Baby, Butcher on Boys have a muscle car, but he doesn’t take much care of his car as Dean cares for the baby.

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5 Reasons Why Every Supernatural Fan Must Watch 'The Boys'

Once we are past the music and the muscle cars, another similarity that ‘The Boys’ shares with Supernatural is the fake FBI badges. Yes, fake FBI badges just like Sam and Dean have. There are moments in the show where you will feel like you are watching Dean who went to Sam to bring him back because their dad was on a hunting trip. However, the reason to bring the ‘boys’ back together is pretty different. Fake FBI badges, lack of an actual home, leather jacket, it would surely feel like the Winchesters world.

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