5 Reasons Why Legacies Is The Best Spinoff

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Even though The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have finished, fans need more and expect more so spinoffs are there which keep the story going. It has been a decade since all this vampire story began with The Vampire Diaries and now Legacies is the latest spinoff after The Originals and fans still binge watch it with the same interest. Legacies is of a newer concept and fans are much liking it because of its youth content. So let’s see why the young fans think of Legacies as the best spinoff for The Vampire Diaries.

So here are the 5 reasons why Legacies is the best spinoff!

1. It may feature Damon and Elena’s children

5 Reasons Why Legacies Is The Best Spinoff

Legacies first season has already aired and the second season is about to come. In the first season there were hints dropped about Damon and Elena’s children and even Josie and Lizzie were talking about them and how Damon helps Alaric all the time with funds. Damon and Elena became humans and their children might be humans too but there is a chance that their daughter might feature in the second season.

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2. New perspective

5 Reasons Why Legacies Is The Best Spinoff

To watch The Originals you need to watch The Vampire Diaries to understand the references and stories involved. But Legacies has a whole new perspective because it involves all the children from both the series and it focuses on their boarding school of supernaturals and how they deal with all the problems. You don’t need to be thorough with TVD or The Originals.

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