6 Reasons Why Originals Is Better Than The Vampire Diaries

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries was such a successful show that it started to shoot for its first spinoff during the fourth season of TVD. The plot of Originals revolved around the Mikaelson siblings who were the first vampires and showed their whole journey, their chemistries, their fights and much more. Originals was also a successful show and we’ll know why, so let’s start.

So here is a list of the 5 reasons which proves that Originals was the spinoff ever!

6. The Originals Gives Us Answers

The Originals started its season by weaving a somewhat confusing tale of vampires vs. witches set in the city of New Orleans. But the truth was revealed within five episodes about the reason why Klaus was lured to the Big Easy. The witches never completed the Harvest ritual, completing which could have given them immense power – incredible power to stand and face the vampires. This is the reason why they blackmailed Klaus and asked him to track down Davina who is a powerful young witch who had the power of the harvest witches sacrificed. They wanted to kill her. Whereas in TVD, it’s about a college mystery which unnecessarily keeps dragging on without any answers.

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5. The Originals Has Mature characters

5 Reasons Why Originals Is The Best Spinoff of The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries was all about the teens and how they deal with the vampires and also end up becoming one. But the viewers wanted some mature content and Originals gave them that. The characters in the Originals were far more mature and were intense.

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