5 Reasons Why TVD & Originals Fans Should Love LEGACIES!


5 Reasons Why TVD & Originals Fans Should Love LEGACIES!
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Aurora Martel first appeared in Season 3 as part of the infamous ‘Trinity’ who nearly defeated the Mikaelson Family. They returned to exact their revenge on the Mikaelsons, but tasted defeat. Lucien and Tristan met their tragic fate whereas Aurora was placed in a coma. Aurora was rescued by her followers in Legacies and she managed to steal the body of the tribrid Hope Mikaelson. Aurora isn’t bad at heart, she is mostly misunderstood. Legacies allowed us to see Aurora in a sympathetic light. Lizzie offered to help Aurora after understanding her better and helped her in amending her ways. People in their final moments show us who truly are.

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When Hope was about to meet her end with a fiercing spear blow at the hands of Ken. Aurora saved Hope by taking the spear in her chest. In her final moments, Aurora revealed to Hope how much she loved Klaus. She wanted Klaus to change, but couldn’t do so. But Klaus changed for his daughter Hope. Aurora tells Hope that she is the very best of her father. She regrets that she did the right thing too late, but tells Hope that she can make things right. Legacies really redeemed the character of Aurora De Martel who died like a hero.

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Perhaps the best thing that came out of Legacies is the special appearance from Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus is arguably the most popular character in the TVD Universe. Ever since Legacies started, fans were wondering when we would see an appearance from Klaus. But the actor Joseph Morgan made it clear that he won’t return for any sort of appearance. However, with the conclusion of Legacies paired with brilliant Story-telling, Joseph Morgan became convinced to appear in a short appearance on the show. Klaus appears for only a very short moment, but his message is emotional and resonates with the character. Check out the very special scene of Klaus.


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Even if you are someone who hasn’t seen TVD or Originals, Legacies can still captivate your interest to the full extent. The show has new characters, new storylines, new supernatural creatures and unique lore which is all set in the TVD Universe. The show despite being a spin-off is also a standalone in its own right. So instead of comparing it with its predecessors, Legacies should be judged for what it brought to the table. What is your favorite thing about the Legacies?

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