5 Reasons Why TVD Spin-off The Originals Was Launched


5 Reasons Why TVD Spin-off The Originals Was Launched
The CW

The CW Network was launched in 2006 and it is a join venture between Warner Bros and CBS Group. The new network struggled for the ratings at first, its fortune was changed with the launch of new series such as Vampire Diaries, 90210, Gossip Girl. These shows created plenty of buzz and it attracted the premium 18-34 younger demographic. When TVD aired, it became the highest viewed premiere episode in the history of Network, gaining a whooping 4.91 million viewers rating for the pilot episode. The show averaged 3.60 and 3.17 million viewers in Season 1 & Season 2. The show maintained a rating close to 3 Million Viewers in Season 3 & 4.

The CW

The CW Network and its executives were well aware of the impact of the TVD, the unprecedented ratings the show got. They also found the idea of a spin-off to be quite profitable. Indeed, they made the right call. The Originals is the first spin-off to air on the CW Network and it opened a wide door of possibilities. Shows such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, followed the trend and took the Network to a whole new height.

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The CW

We couldn’t thank Julie Plec enough for her work. She gave us the Vampire Diaries Universe which entertained the fans and is one of the best fantasy shows of all time. While TVD is based on the novels of the same name, but she made several changes such as the appearance of Elena Gilbert and a contrast in her personality, introduction of the Mikaelson siblings, all these changes made the show much better. The show creator had been contemplating the idea of spin-off for a long time. The true inception of Originals came during the shot of the Mikaelson siblings standing on the stairs in the Season 3 Episode ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, it was then she realized the spin-off focusing on the Mikaelsons should become a reality. It took her more than a year to put everything together about the spin-off, it involved numerous changes, going over things again and again.


The CW

If it weren’t for the actors, we wouldn’t have Originals in the first place. The reason why Mikaelsons became extremely popular with the fans is because of how brilliantly their characters were brought to life through the performances of the actors. Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt loved playing their characters and worked a lot to make their portrayal realistic. The actors were captivated by the idea of a spin-off, they were pretty expressive in sharing the fan art and videos involving the Mikaelson siblings with a potential spin-off idea.

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