5 Reasons Why We Madly Love SUPERNATURAL!

2. Family Comes First

The reason why Supernatural is so different from most of the today’s shows is that it’s not about romance. Surely, a fling or a glimpse of what it’s like if Sam and Dean have a permanent family. The brothers lost their mom, their dad, and pretty much everyone they cared for. Dean, the older brother, he never got to enjoy his childhood, like a good soldier he followed all his dad’s orders. The only life he knows is the ‘hunter’s life’. Sam, the younger brother who got away from this life and was studying at Stanford to become a lawyer. But ultimately circumstances forced him to choose the hunter’s life.

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They need each other, they are the heart and soul of each other, they protect each other. Right from the beginning, it was Dean who looked after his younger brother, protected him, cared for him. Even when their dad dies, it’s Dean responsibility to look after Sam. Nothing is more important than the bond these boys have between each other. Bobby, who cared for these boys like they were his own sons, he’s a father figure for the brothers. Castiel, the angel with a human heart, he’s like a brother to the Winchesters. The Winchesters care about their family and are willing to sacrifice everything for their family. Family always comes first.

3. The Cast

These actors are extremely talented and they have brought their characters to life with their acting. But what’s more interesting is the friendship these actors share, how much comfortable they are working with each other,  they make the most of it and create moments for the fandom community. Even if you’ve never met them personally, I am sure you have seen their interviews, seen their twitter exchanges, these guys are hilarious, but most importantly really good and inspiring people. They respect their fans and we love them.

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