5 Sacrifices In Supernatural That Made Us Shed Tears


5 Sacrifices In Supernatural That Made Us Shed Tears
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We were introduced to the characters of Ellen and Jo. The mother and daughter duo which mirrored the relationship of Dean & John. While Ellen is an old friend of John and Bobby, she is a skilled hunter. Jo lacks experience, but wants to do hunting whereas Ellen is worried about her. Since their appearances in Season 2, the duo returned in Season 5 where they teamed up with the boys and Castiel go on to hunt the devil Lucifer with the Colt. But when the team is confronted by hell hounds which mortally wounds Jo. Jo is unable to move any further so she makes a plan to sacrifice herself to take down the remaining hounds. Ellen is initially opposed to the move, but then she decides to stay behind with her daughter. Ellen tells Jo that she loves her as her beloved daughter passes away in her arms. When the hounds come barging in, Ellen detonates the explosives taking them all down.


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Crowley started off as a villain, but slowly became a fan favorite character. You know when you align yourself with the Winchesters, you place yourself in the mortal danger, you often times it doesn’t end up well for a character. In Season 12 finale ‘All Along The Watchtower’, Crowley decided to do something which was extremely uncharacteristic of him. When the boys found themselves cornered in the Alternate Universe against the all powerful archangel Lucifer, the King of Hell becomes their savior who sacrifices himself which allows the boys to complete the rift sealing ritual and thus trapping Lucifer inside the AU. Crowley’s demise was a heartbreaking moment.

But this just shows how badly writers treated his character. His sacrifice went in vain as Lucifer was able to come through the rift and stabbed Castiel. Crowley’s actor Mark Sheppard openly expressed his frustration with the direction his character was going, the writers didn’t had any storylines for him which could be contributed to the actor’s exit from the show, and the decision to never return again.


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Time and time again, Castiel has sacrificed himself, went out of his way for the Winchesters. But this particular sacrifice is perhaps the greatest. In Season 15 episode ‘Despair’, Dean has cut Billie who plans on taking Dean with him. Castiel and Dean are on a run from Billie who vows to destroy the Winchester. Castiel manages to create a ward to keep Billie at bay only for a while. But Castiel has an ace up his sleeve which could save Dean, but it will cost him his life. He made a deal with the empty which said that the shadow will come to claim Castiel when he experiences a moment of true bliss and happiness. Castiel expresses his true feelings for Dean. He tells how Dean cared about everyone. His experiences and interactions with Dean truly changed him. His tears start rolling down his cheeks as he bares his heart out. This results in the Shadow arriving to the bunker to claim Castiel and it pulls Billie along thus leaving behind Dean safe and sound.

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