5 Shaolin Monks Training That Will Blow Your Mind!

Shaolin Monks
Chinese martial arts has made an amazing place in the world and the face of this sacred martial arts are the Shaolin monks.

Chinese martial arts has made an amazing place in the world. It has been shown and used countless times in media. From its place of origin to the world outside, the face of this sacred martial arts are the Shaolin monks. They are the embodiment of the principles and teachings of Buddhism in the Shaolin temple in Kunar province of China. These Shaolin monks live a humble and simple life. In their days revolves around a strict regimen of routine, discipline and both especially patience. These three characteristics are the key for achieving desired results of any kind of physical training. However, what separates a Shaolin monks training from all the rest are the various incredible and unique ways to shape the human body to unimaginable resilience, stamina and toughness. But, what exactly do they go through to reach such immense strength and power?

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Shaolin Monks Training That Will Blow Your Mind.

1. Ringing Around The Tree.

This training builds external strength as well as internal force through physical exertion and the focusing of energy. With this exercise, most find a tree that they can wrap their arms around and well they basically just try to uproot the tree. I mean unless you’re bear, this is not easy and Shaolin monks will have to practice this for years before they can even shake the tree. The training must be done several times a day and the monk can only stop when he is completely exhausted. But, once he takes a break and regains a strength, he has to start again. This training will go on until the monk can finally uproot the tree. Those who have mastered this technique are able to harden their arms and back muscles like stone and can heavily injure their enemy who is unlucky enough to be caught in a fight with one of these guys.

2. Iron Head exercise.

Just from the name itself, this exercise sounds like it would cause a lot of pain and headache. The monk who undergoes those training strengthens his head. Particularly the skin and skull underneath by hitting his head against a wall several times a day. At first, the monk will wrap his head with many layers of silk then just start banging his head against a wall. The hitting should be done with little force initially to avoid an injury and then extends the force. This training literally makes the head strong like iron.

3. Light Body Skill.

This technique trains the monks internal control for his body. In order to acquire this skill, he must first fill a large bucket with water while carrying a bag filled with iron soaked with pig’s blood. The monk will have to balance himself and move along the edge of the river. More weight added to the monk’s bag and this process will repeat itself until the monk is heavier than the container. But he still must keep his balance and this is not something you can master in a month or a year. This process usually takes no less than 12 years to master. Finally, when the monk expertise this skill, he becomes so light that he doesn’t even leave footprints on grass or newly fallen snow.


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4. Celestial Palm.

This exercise is for outer power and a focusing of internal energy. Monks who undergo this training develop a stabbing force in his finger tips. The exercise is done by opening the palm and pressing tightly to four fingers together while the thumb is bent and kept on the side of the hand. Then the practitioner delivers stabbing blows with force at hard objects like walls, trees etc. This must be carried out every single day after concentrating over a long period of time, the monk will start to see results through small dents in the object he is delivering his blows to. With even more training, you will see that the dent will become deeper. So yeah, don’t ever let a Shaolin monk poke you.

5. Eight Steps In A Horizontal Position.

It is another technique that develops the internal power to make the body lighter. The training method is quite simple, the monk ties the small bags of course fabric with Iron shots treated in pig’s blood to his arms and legs and he will then try to run up a wall. This is done daily with the weight of the iron shots gradually increased. In usually after a year monk will be able to take four steps along the wall and it may be another year he will be able to take another four steps. When the practitioner have mastered the skill, he will be able to climb walls in houses with ease and have you ever been to the Shaolin Temple, you can actually see in the cement the actual footsteps of martial arts masters from hundreds of years ago. This is amazing.

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