5 Shocking Things Your Body Does While You Sleep!

The best things in the world next to noodles and pizza, in general, is sleep. After a tiring day, the best thing is to go under your blanket.

The best things in the world next to noodles and pizza, in general, is sleep. After a tiring day, the best thing is to go under your blanket be cozy. But to many of us, sleep can be elusive as our daily grind in the jobs and our work sometimes makes it impossible to get a decent amount of sleep. Sleep is an essential part to take care of ourselves and our health. Not only does sleep recharge us for the next day, but it also does awesome things to us even though we aren’t fully aware of it.

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Shocking Things Your Body Does While You Sleep.

1. Brain Cleans Itself.

Imagine your brain as a box where you put in things the moment you start your day. By the end of it, you clear out leaving only the things that you really need. Our brain is a hard-working organ and it does not stop even when we are asleep. In fact, there are some studies that claim that the brain kicks into high gear when we sleep. Constantly sending signals to other organs and our muscles to make sure that everything is running smoothly. But one of the most wonderful things that it brings to us when we sleep is its ability to clean yourself out. The brain basically takes out the trash and filters out unnecessary information that we have accumulated throughout an entire day. Whether it’s how you felt when your day began badly or how it flushes out toxic byproducts that can cause diseases like Alzheimer. Your brain has a way of automatically clearing out its spaces in order to cement and consolidate new memories.

2. Heart And Breathing Slows Down.

When you sleep, all your bodily functions essentially slowed down. All your normal physiological processes wind down at bedtime because you would not need any excess energy during the time when you are recharging your body. Processes like metabolism and the breathing slow down the heart beats slower than usual because it requires a lot less energy when you’re asleep. Also, the body slows down its production of adrenaline because the body won’t necessarily need this chemical. Since you won’t be needing to trigger a physical response.

3. Body Temperature Slows Down.

Although there is no clear scientific explanation as to why the body loses its capacity for thermal regulation. It automatically caused a little low temperature when you sleep. Experts agree that one of the perfect conditions to sleep a better effect on a comfortable bed is to keep the room a little bit cooler than normal. This is to mimic what the body is already doing basically during the RIM stage of sleep. According to some researchers, they think that because no energy is being spent or burned and during sleep so the body does not produce that much heat.

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4. Makes Creative Connections.

Have you ever experienced that moment when your wake up because a great idea has just hit you even before your morning coffee? That’s because sleep is a powerful creative booster that can make surprising connections on different subjects while you are rested. This is perhaps where the phrase ‘Sleep On It’ came from. In 2007 study, at the University of California, Berkeley, discovered that sleep can foster unusual connections in the brain which could lead to better decision-making. Brain is more active the moment we wakeup, rather than mulling it over when we are up and about. The study has also shown that people are 33% more likely to make connections between seemingly unlikely subjects and distantly related ideas when they wake up.

5. Improves Physical Activity.

The brain has a way of storing information into long-term memory through short bursts of brain waves that occur during REM. The process is most helpful especially when it comes to storing information on motor tasks, skills like driving riding a bike or in the case of walking. Better sleep results in proper motor functioning and scientists at Cornell University found that if you want to improve your golf game, Rest longer.

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