5 Shocking Unsolved Mysteries That Are Caught on Tape! No One Can Explain Them!

There are so many unexplained phenomena, mysteries in this world that not even science can explain. Some incidents that are beyond our rational comprehension. So today we’ll take a look at such mysteries and see if we could up with some logical explanation.

So let’s take a look at 5 Shocking Unsolved Mysteries That Are Caught on Tape! No One Can Explain Them!

1. Suicide Mystery of Jacky Sutton

British journalist Jacky Sutton arrived at a Turkish airport to catch her connecting flight to Iraq where she had been working with the free speech organisation. Only some hours later she was found dead in an airport restroom. It was reported that Jacky Sutton had committed suicide by hanging herself using one of her own shoelaces. Now here’s where things get even stranger! Earlier reports by the Turkish media stated that Jacky Sutton had become very upset after missing her flight to Iraq because she couldn’t afford to purchase a new ticket.

However later reports revealed that Sutton could have easily paid for a new ticket as she was found to be carrying over thousand euros and two credit cards. What’s more suspicious is another security camera’s clip which was taken shortly before Jacky Sutton’s death shows her carrying what appears to be a shopping bag.

The bag contained purchases made at the duty-free shop in the airport. Now it seems highly unlikely that Jacky Sutton would suddenly decide to do a bit of shopping shortly before committing suicide. So is Jacky Sutton’s death a suicide or something more sinister?

2. Disappearance Of Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank was a young German man who went on a holiday trip with friends to Varna Bulgaria. While there on the trip, Mittank was involved in a fight with some other tourists and suffered a ruptured eardrum. And because of the ear injury Lars Mittank was unable to fly so he couldn’t return to Germany with his friends. He rented a room in a hostel located in a poor area of Varna Bulgaria. He was determined to wait until his ear healed enough so that he could fly back to Germany. However that same night Lars called his mother and said that there was something strange about the hostel that he was staying in and that she should cancel all of his credit cards.

Even later that same night Lars Mittank left his hostel room in a panic, he was headed for the airport, he called his mother again this time saying that four strange men were following him and that he was hiding. Two hours later Lars caught a cab and arrived at the Varna Airport in the early morning hours and on the airport security cameras Lars can be seen entering the airport with his luggage, but minutes later he is seen running from airport in a panic leaving his luggage behind.

Eyewitnesses say that Lars ran to a barbed wire that surrounds the airport and climbed over the fence and then disappeared into some nearby woods. To this day Lars has never been found, his family said that anyone who has the information about his current location should contact them.

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3. Brian Shaffer Vanishes In Thin Air

One of the strangest disappearances on record is that of Brian Shaffer! An Ohio State medical
student on March 31st 2006, Brian Schaffer decided to go out for a night on the town with some of his college friends. They met at the ugly Tuna Saloona, an upstairs bar at Ohio State south campus. Brian can be seen arriving at the bar with his two friends they are smiling and laughing as they exit the escalator to the second floor bar.

Around 10 PM Brian called his longtime girlfriend with whom he had planned a Spring Break getaway to Miami a few days later. Brian told her that he loved her and would see her soon. Brian’s girlfriend said that the call was nothing out of the ordinary. Later Brian Schaffer was seen again on security camera near the escalators talking to two girls, seems to say goodbye and then heads back into the bar. Brian Shaffer was never seen again!

Security cameras covering the only exits of Ugly Tuna Saloona bar did not show Brian Shaffer ever leaving. The only possible other exit would have been through an area of the bar that was under heavy construction at the time and closed off to the public. However even if Shaffer had left through the construction area there are multiple other security cameras in the bars vicinity and none of these cameras picked up footage of Brian Shaffer ever leaving the bar. It’s almost as if Brian Shaffer disappeared into thin air in the middle of a crowded bar.

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4. Death Of Alan Jeal

On the evening of February 23rd 2014, Alan Jeal took a strange trip through Cornwall England. Captured by surveillance cameras, Jeal spent his evening wandering the streets of several different cities for hours. He was seen in Wade bridge and traveled by bus to Truro and to Newquuay, then back to Perranporth. No one knows why Alan Jeal took this strange trip or what he was doing wandering the streets of four different cities all night.

The next morning the dead body of Alan Jeal was found washed up on the shore of Perranporth Beach. Jeal was naked except for one sock and one shoe, but the story gets even stranger Alan Jeal’s other sock was found wadded up inside his mouth wrapped in the court of a pair of ear bud type headphones.

Near his body was a black jacket containing a wallet with British pounds but his bank cards credit cards and ID were missing. However the wallet contained a single bizarre picture Allan Jeal as a child.

Alan Jeal Unexplained mysteries caught on tape

Even stranger the jacket the wallet was found in was not the one that Allen Jill had been wearing on the night of his death. Initially Alan’s death was thought to just be a very strange suicide, however an autopsy revealed multiple unexplained injuries to Alan Jeal’s right hand, chest and head. Police ruled the death as suspicious, case still remains unsolved and no one knows exactly what happened to Alan Jeal.

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