5 Adult Stars Who Are Very Smart And Highly Intelligent

When you hear the job title of ‘ADULT STAR’ there are probably a hundred different things that come to mind before intelligence. But you would be surprised to know that some stars are extremely smart despite having a reputation for being airheads. Maybe that’s why they got into the adult entertainment industry to begin with. They knew that there was real money to be made. Hey guys so what’s going on? Welcome to Humor Nation, be sure to sit back, read this article, and then share it with your friends. Before we begin I want to know when is the last time you watched something naughty? So let’s get started, shall we?

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Adult Stars Who Are Very Smart And Highly Intelligent!

5. Ron Jeremy

Not only is he the most recognizable man in the adult entertainment industry and maybe not for the right reasons. But he’s also probably the smartest man doing the job. Ron Jeremy earned himself two Bachelors; one in Education and another in Theater, and also went on to get his Master’s in Special Education. He did not put those degrees into no use, you see he actually worked as a teacher for a little while. Ron is also an extremely talented pianist and if you check out any of those videos, don’t worry he keeps his clothes on the entire time… most of the time actually.

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4. Shyla

Despite her name there is nothing shy about this girl. She has started in almost 300 films in her career, but even more impressively she’s graduated high school early at the age of 16. She then went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Accounting and two Masters degree in Accounting and Taxation. Shyla now runs her own talent agency ‘Adult Talent Managers’ and she’s clearly got skills in business too.


3. Annie Sprinkle

Although she may remind you of that crazy aunt and you wish you could just forget belonged to your family. Annie sprinkle is the first known adult entertainment star to have earned a PhD. She earned her degree in human sexuality from the Institute for ‘Advanced Study of Human Sexuality’ in California and went on to become a Sex Educator. When you have as much experience as she does there’s no better job out there.

2. Sasha Grey

She’s only in her 20s and has already been in over 170 films which is pretty impressive you think about it. But Sasha’s biggest claim to fame is that she boasts an IQ of 140 that’s 40 points above average. Despite not having any formal academic background, she’s just naturally brainy and claims to use her career as an art form. I’ve seen my fair share of her videos and I agree they’re definitely art.

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1. Asia Carrera

5 Adult Stars Who Are Very Smart And Highly Intelligent

Way before she became a prodigy in the sheets, Asia was a piano child prodigy playing at Carnegie Hall twice before she even turned 15. Probably where she gets her skilled hands from. She double majored in Business in Japanese on a full scholarship from Rutgers University in New Jersey, but never finished her school career on account of stripping, making her more money than school. The most unreal part about Asia’s intelligence is that her IQ is 156 only four points off that of Albert Einstein.

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