5 Smartphone Gadgets That You Can Get Under Rs 100

Hello and welcome to Humor Nation, today we are going to take a look at some of the amazing Smartphone gadgets that you can avail at very cheap rates on Amazon. The price range of these gadgets are as low as Rs. 100, I mean that’s the amount that people would spend in a day over fast food and stuff. And when I say smartphone gadgets, I am not talking about those accessories like mobile charger, data cable or headphones that you can easily get in any mobile store. We are bringing to some of the coolest and amazing mobile gadgets that you probably haven’t heard of. So let’s get started!

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets That You Can Get Under Rs 100!

1. 3 Ports Wall Charger Adapter

The first one is the wall charger and it costs around Rs 99! It has the plastic build quality which is decent, not very great. But the best thing about this charge is it has 3 USB charging slots. This charger has maximum charging power of 3.1 Ampere. When you plug in the charger, it shows blue LED in the charging slots which indicates that it is powered on. This charger is best for people who travel a lot and when they don’t many slots available to charge their devices.

2. Mobile Camera Lenses

This product costs around Rs. 110, it has three types of lens, one is the fish eye lens, the wide angle lens, and macro lens. First screw in the lens with the given attachment and then place it over the mobile camera. The lens can cover area up to 180 degree wide. And with the macro lens, you can see the objects located nearby very clearly.

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3. NFC Tag Stickers 

5 Smartphone Gadgets That You Can Get Under Rs 100

This is the NFC memory tag, it has a memory of 888 bytes. When you talk about NFC technology, 888 bytes is a huge amount of space. First foremost to use the functionality of these NFC tags, your phone must have the NFC functionality. After that simply go to play store and download the “NFC TOOLS” application. Through this application you can use the NFC tag, like you can save contacts, open up the applications. Simply press your phone on the tag and you’re all set to go. It’s a sticker so you can make anything NFC like your wallet or key chain. 

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4. Key Finder

This is a very smart gadget, it’s a smart key finder. You can easily attach this key finder gadget to your keys, pen drive or mobile phone that you usually forget about after keeping it somewhere. The device has a senior which creates a ‘buzz’ sound when it detects a whistle sound. It also has a red LED inbuilt in it which blinks along with the sound. This comes in handy when you can’t hear the ‘buzz’ sound of your device, like when you have dropped your key or stuff in some noisy area.

5. Sound Booster

This is such an innovative product, with this gadget you can use speakers without having the need to use any electrical system or some power source. What this device does it amplify the sound of your existing phone speakers. It is made up of rubber and it focuses the sound, directs it at one place. Simply push your phone into it and play the music.

So guys, would you be interested in trying these  gadgets? I mean you can easily get them under Rs. 100 on Amazon, that’s quite amazing, right? Please feel to express your views and opinions in the comments. If you have any cool gadgets that you want to recommend to everyone then let us know about them in the comments. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation
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