5 Strange Animals You Didn’t Know Even Existed!

strange animals
The best thing is that you can actually find them somewhere in the real world if you want so here are real-life strange animals.

The most anticipated movie of the year is upon us the Harry Potter spin-off the fantastic beasts and where to find out? so I thought that I would tell you about some real-life fantastic beasts, now the beasts we are talking about are not magical but they are no less fantastic. The best thing is that you can actually find them somewhere in the real world if you want so here are real-life strange animals and fantastic beasts and the places where to find out.

Let’s Have A Look At 5 Strange Animals You Didn’t Know Even Existed.

1. Tufted Deer.

Well, you think of a deer you typically think of a simple and calm deer, but don’t worry these pointed things on the tufted deer aren’t used to suck the blood and are typically found throughout regions of China and gets their name from the small brown tuft of hair on their forehead. Only the males have those vampire looking things and that’s because they use it when they fight over girls during mating season and when there is a territory disputes the way they fight is kind of crazy though, they first fang their short antlers together and if one of the deer loses balance the other deer will bounce on them and then anything goes so maybe that’s when they turn a little deer-acula. It’s really one of the strange animals on the earth.

2. Aye-Ayes.

If you are a fan of the Madagascar movies and a fan of this guy, then you’ll love the Aye-ayes, Aye-ayes can be found only on the island of Madagascar and they are usually dark brown or black with a tail that is often bigger than their whole body. These little guys are able to dangle from branches because of their pointed claws which are all their fingers and toes this is super useful because eye-eyes try really hard not to come to the ground choosing to spend their whole lives living in the trees, these guys sleep in spheres which they make from branches and leaves, they eat insects and fruits but are considered very bad luck which is why they were often killed on sight and are now endangered.

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3. The Thorny Dragon.

The thorny dragon is also known as the – thorny devil, it is a little lizard that is found in Australia and you won’t be able to find these anywhere else in the world. The lizard – like I mentioned is small only growing about 20 centimetres of length and weighs as much as a mouse, as you can see this thing looks like has an armor of spikes growing out of his body that along with its color helps it blend into its environment because these things typically live in the deserts there are little water channels all throughout his body that enables the dragon to collect water from any part of his body and bring it to its mouth and the creepy thing is, these thorny dragons have decoy heads on the back of their neck which are used to ward off predators and feeds mainly on ants and are able to devour thousands of them every single day. It’s really one of the strange animals.

4. Lowland Streaked Tenrec.

This little porcupine looking thing is actually a small tenrec that is found in a tropical lowland rainforest of Madagascar, as you can see they have a long snout with black fur and long yellow stripes and they look pretty adorable but don’t mess with them because when threatened the tenrec can wreck the barbed quails on its back chest and head put them forward like a spear and remedy directly into their attacker.

5. Babirusa Pigs.

The Babirusa is not your ordinary everyday pig, they are found in the swamps and rainforests of the Indonesian islands as you can see they have a pig’s body and the body is sitting on really thin almost deer-like legs and of course they’ve got like crazy amounts of curved tusks coming out of their head like regular pigs. Babirusa will eat basically anything and I mean anything. They’re omnivorous and slightly cannibalistic and they feed on leaves, fruits, nuts, insects, fish and other animals including other Babirusas.

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