5 Strange Facts About Lisa Ann Corpora That You Should Know

5 Strange Facts About Lisa Ann Corpora That You Should Know

Hey Guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Ever since her fame 2008 appearances governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin in the Hustler video ‘Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?’ Miss Ann has been a household name though she no longer stars in videos, but she has left her mark on the adult entertainment industry and probably also American politics and perhaps a few marks elsewhere. Welcome back to another top five of Humor Nation, be sure to sit back and share this article, let me entertain you! Before we begin I have a favor to ask from you guys, let us know which adult star should we cover next? I’m actually worried about Google because they don’t like these kind of articles.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Strange Facts About Lisa Ann Corpora That You Should Know!

5. NBA- The Hunting Ground

The NBA is her hunting ground! Through her work as a sports radio personality and her involvement in fantasy football, it’s no surprise that Lisa Ann is in the sports. But it’s more than just a game to her, her domain of choice when looking for a man is the NBA. And often times she’ll follow NBA players on twitter with hopes that a few will slide into DM. For the lucky ones they might have a chance to slide in something else I don’t know.

Anyway her number one rule is don’t mess around with more than one guy per team. Good thing there are 30 teams in the NBA so it’s a few good men. Regardless of a relationship becomes romantic or not, all this sports knowledge has become good practice. It has worked in her favor because she now has a job as a radio personality with fantasy sports on Sirius XM.

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4. Her Turn-Ons

Other than being an NBA player of course Lisa states that no matter how attractive a man may be, it is always a personality that is the real deal maker or breaker for her. Bad attitude get kicked to the curb while keeping it cool Windsor over. That’s what’s a huge vocabulary gets her going every time! So get reading your dictionaries. Hey it worked for Eminem, not only did it make him a great rapper, but it also landed Lisa in his music video.

3. She Suffers From Psoriasis

She suffers from psoriasis! Now if you’re not familiar with the skin condition, it’s characterized by red, scaly, painful skin which isn’t exactly something you would have imagined that be going on with your most beloved adult entertainment star. In order to manage this condition Lisa moisturizes with straight coconut oil, has removed certain red meat, dairy and gluten products from her diet. If that weren’t enough she even got going on a human growth hormone for a little while which resulted in her building muscles really easily.

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2. She Was In GTA V

She was in Grand Theft Auto V. The game was released in 2013 and featured Lisa as the voice actor for the character of prostitute number two. A reckless and very casual party girl. About the role, Ann Lisa has stated that GTA is making it possible for everyone to play with me on a new level.

1. She Advocates Safe Love Making

One of the biggest things she advocates for is the use of condoms and safe practices in shoots especially after a male coworker was diagnosed with HIV. Now this caused her to make an early exit from the adult entertainment back in 1997, something she returned to when the coast was clear. In the past she has even copped up her own money to make sure her coworkers are tested.

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