5 Strange Facts That You Should Know About Canada

3. Country With Most Lakes

5 Strange Facts That You Should Know About Canada

Proceeding onward to the number three spot we got the most lakes in a single nation and one of them, it has a beast. Move over Loch Ness, Canada which contains more than three million lakes which is more than 60% of the world’s lakes, and they are in Canada. And the clean fresh water really makes up around 9 percent of Canada’s whole region. Furthermore, forget the the Loch Ness beast, Canada has its own scary lake monster known as Ogopogo. He supposedly lives in the Lake Okanagan out in British Columbia.

2. How Canada Got Its Name

Next up at number two, we got how Canada got its name. Canada’s name originates from a misconception between Jack’s Cartier and some Iroquois locals who are calling attention to a town and for that they used the word ‘kanata’ they were really attempting to recognize a little territory now known as Quebec City, yet Jack’s Cartier was like “Oh Canada, sounds really better! Yeah that’s what its gonna be”.

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1. UFO Landing

Canada is home to a UFO arrival spot. One of Canada’s most remarkable Centennial ventures return in 1967 when they fabricated the world’s first UFO landing pad in Saint Paul Alberta. The town gave the land and local neighborhood business gave building supplies and work to the race the cement pad. To make things significantly more unusual Paul Hellyer, the country’s Minister of Defense well he opened the pad via arriving on it in a helicopter. Better believe it, like he got in on the action.

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