5 Strange Things That Have Happened Since Originals Ended


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In the finale episode, when Klaus was getting ready to sacrifice himself, he was worried about what would happen to Hope after him and Elijah are gone. Elijah assured Klaus that Hope has Marcel, Rebekah, Freya, Kol, and Davina. They all will always be there for Hope. After all, the promise of ‘Always and Forever’ will continue even after Klaus is gone. Fast forward to Legacies, we didn’t see any family member visiting Hope or contacting her in any capacity. The first familiar face from the Mikaelson Family we see on Legacies is Freya who has forgotten about Hope due to a spell, but thanks to Josie, she is reminded of Hope and they both share a loving moment. The second appearance we see is from Rebekah who tries daggering the tribrid Hope who has her humanity turned off. The entire Mikaelson Family eventually shows up in Season 4 with a strange request. Despite Hope being all cold and indifferent, the family finally shares a moment. Kol even hints at visiting Hope in Mystic Falls along with Davina. But seeing as how Legacies is ending, it’s unlikely we will ever see another cameo from an Originals character on Legacies.


5 Strange Things That Have Happened Since Originals Ended
The CW

The relationship of Keelin and Freya started off in the most bizarre fashion that one could imagine. Freya kept Keelin in her captivity to use her venom to protect her family her also suppressing the beastly side of Keelin. The final season saw Freya and Keelin struggling to keep their relationship intact due to the distance. They eventually reunite and soon the wedding bells start ringing. But Freya was not ready to have children, it took plenty of convincing from Rebekah which led to Freya agreeing to have children with Keelin. They both agreed that Vincent should be the biological father of their future child. Freya named the child Nik after his brother Nikklaus. The fans hoped to see Nik in the Legacies which would have made perfect sense as he is not only Hope’s brother, but also the second werewolf-witch hybrid. The first being Nikklaus who was born as a werewolf-witch hybrid, but never tapped into his magic potential. After turning into an Original Vampire, he became a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid.


The CW

The Originals had a bittersweet ending. The fans were heartbroken over the demise of Elijah and Klaus whereas seeing the other characters start a fresh chapter in their lives is something to be happy. Since the Originals ended, we didn’t get any chance to see our beloved characters on the screen. It wasn’t until the Legacies when the fate of the Mikaelsons was revealed.

  • Rebekah and Marcel are happily married. Rebekah is still an Original Vampire who hasn’t taken the cure yet.
  • Freya and Keelin are married. Freya became the first Mikaelson family member to visit Hope on several occasions in Legacies. Assisting her with magic and also mentoring her. Offering Hope some valuable advice when she has her humanity turned off.
  • Kol and Davina are also married happily. They plan on visiting Hope in the Mystic Falls soon.
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