5 Stranger Things Moments That Made Us Cry Like A Baby

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There were various moments in the show when we couldn’t handle our emotions and cried. This show may be all about monsters and science fiction but it is also full of emotions, love, and bond. So today we’re here to discuss such emotional moments in the show with you, so let’s get started.

So here we present you those moments that made us all cry while watching Stranger Things!

1. Barb dying

5 Moments That Made Us Cry During The Stranger Things

Barb was taken away by the Demogorgon and killed in the upside down. This truth was hidden by the Hawkins Lab and Nancy does her best to find her best friend. When she finds out what happened to Barb, a movement named “Justice for Barb” was started. Nancy then makes a compromise with Hawkins Lab so that Barb could have a proper funeral. Her parents out bursting their emotions on their daughter’s death made us cry too.

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2. Bob sacrificing his life

5 Stranger Things Moments That Made Us Cry Like A Baby

Bob was a great guy who loved Joyce and really cared for her sons. When Mike, Will, Joyce, Bob, and Hopper were trapped in the Lab surrounded by Demogorgons, Bob volunteers to restore and open the gates and hallways. After he successfully restores the lock-down and escapes, he is attacked by Demogorgon on his way out. Joyce is shattered to see how the demons scatter and eat him away.

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