5 Stranger Things Moments That Made Us Cry Like A Baby

3. Goodbye, Mike

At the end of season 1 when Mike, Dustin, and Eleven are caught up by the demogorgons, Eleven uses her powers to destroy and kill the monster. But so much of her energy is consumed that she knew she won’t be able to come back and says goodbye to Mike with tears and vanishes with Demogorgon. Mike is disturbed after noticing that Eleven is also gone with it.

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4. Hopper adopting Eleven

Everyone loved the bond between Hopper and Eleven because Hopper lost his child and when Eleven comes, she fills that void in his life. They complete each other and when Hopper officially adopts Eleven to look after her and take of care without any secrecy. That moment was really special and touched our hearts.

5. Mike and Eleven reuniting

Mike and Eleven are the best couples in the show and when Eleven disappeared after season 1, Mike did not lose hope and looked for her in every possible way. Even Eleven wanted to meet him but couldn’t as Hopper told her not to. But when Eleven saves everyone from demogorgons and steps in the room, she just looks at Mike and that was the moment we felt happy and emotional too. That was the best moment Mike and Eleven shared.

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