5 Strangest Things Ever Found On The Earth!

Plenty of discoveries has been done throughout the history of the earth. They don't make sense and confused the scientists more.

Plenty of discoveries has been done throughout the history of the earth. They don’t make sense and leaving archaeologists historians scientists and other experts with far more questions than answers. In this list, we count down five strange things ever found on the earth.

Let’s Take A look At 5 Strangest Things Ever Found On Earth.

1. Strange Underground Tunnels.

In June 2013, a group of archaeologists discovered thousands of connecting tunnels throughout Europe. They extended all the way from Scotland to Turkey. These tunnels were small and dated back to 12000 B.c. They originated under thousands of Neolithic settlements, while most of the tunnels were barely large enough to pass through. They featured waiting areas or lobbies where there, so that people could rest and store items. With odd discoveries like these tunnels, there has been much speculation as to why they were built? Some resources say that the tunnels were used to hide from predators and to store items for survival.

2. Mysterious Obelisk.

Typically having a square or rectangular cross section in a pyramid top, set up as a monument or landmark. This is the oldest obelisk ever found. Although, it was given the name ‘The Unfinished Obelisk’ which was excavated in the year 2005, present in northern Egypt and is 33 percent larger than any other obelisk found in the region. It is estimated that if the project was ever finished it would measure around 140 feet tall. But there was a reason for it not being finished, cracks started to show in the granite. So, the workers abandon the project leaving it to be buried under the earth over time.

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3. Gobekli Tepe.

In 1996, a German team of archaeologists set to work on a mountain ridge in the southern part of Turkey. The team worked for 20 years with the intent to uncover anything that might be lying underneath. This led to a very bizarre discovery uncovering the Gobekli Tepe dating thousands of years ago. The team unearthed pillars that were once erected in a circle. With a total of 200 pillars in 20 different circles having the circle standing 20 feet tall and 20 weighing tons. The archaeologists continue to uncover even more structures near the hill, they were also thousands of years old. While the team tried to determine the purpose of the structures, they failed to find an answer. They only came up with theories one of which was that they were from Neolithic era.

4. The Moas.

The Moa is a large group of nine different bird species from New Zealand. Researchers have discovered that the largest of the Moa were actually over 10 feet tall and weighed over 500 pounds and extinct nearly 2000 years ago. Archaeologists found a great surprise during a 1980’s archaeological dig. It led to the discovery of a huge Mao claw in a cave. Far from just a bone, the scientists found that both the muscle and skin were still intact which is vastly different from the typical mummified bodies found from ancient cultures.

5. Voynich Manuscript.

There’s a variety of secret codes in the world that people have made up. But the one that has continued to stunned scholars is the Voynich manuscript, named after Wilfrid Voynich who purchased the book in 1912. The manuscript is believed to be created in Italy during the 15th century. While some pages are from the manuscript, 240 pages of text, drawings and diagrams are still intact. Many experts and brilliant code breakers have attempted to decipher the Voynich manuscript. Needless to say, the theory surrounding the origin and the contents of the manuscript itself are quite staggering. Donated to Yale University in 1969, the manuscript remains to this day in the in Manuscript Library for others who want to try their hand at deciphering its contents.

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