5 Strangest Things That Science Can’t Explain!

Things Science Can't Explain

Most scientists believe that the things that cannot be explained by logic can be explained by science. Well, almost everything there are mysteries that leave science scratching their head, some beliefs and superstitions can actually be true despite Science’s best efforts to prove them wrong or impossible, there are things Science can’t explain.

Let’s Look At The List Of 5 Things Science Can’t Explain.

1. Life After Death.

We have all seen the movies where someone is in a coma and if spirit guides them and tells them to go back to the light that maybe special effect in really good video editing but some people who were almost crossing over to the other side have described mystical experiences, if they physically remember some say they were reunited with a departed loved one or discovered the meaning of life which suggests that there may be in other life so to speak beyond this one despite this no one who has crossed over has proved that their experience was genuine most skeptics have tried to explain it as a natural hallucination that takes place during traumatic experiences another study of people with cardiac arrest suggests that when the heart is dying is bombarded by brain signals as it tries to stay active the scuttling of signals may explain the near-death experiences.

2. Ghosts And Spirits.

Ghosts and spirits have been part of our culture and traditional narrative there have been many cases of people reporting the day of seeing ghosts of strangers or dead relatives and friends others have been haunted by spirits and others have even made their living communication with these apparitions there remains no scientific evidence proving the existence of ghosts but it does not stop by witnesses from describing their experiences with strange apparition.

3. Intuitions.

Remember when your granddad told you when he makes decisions, he goes with his gut. You thought he was losing his mind turns out he was talking about perfectly same intuition what most people call the sixth sense or the gut feeling. It can sometimes be completely wrong but they do have a chance of being right, psychologists have realized that people can subconsciously pick up on information about their surroundings giving us an extra sense or knowledge about our world, however, cases of intuition have proved difficulties to study or disprove. So next time listen to your granddad towards it. This is one of the things Science can’t explain.

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4. The Taos Hum.

In the small city of Taos, New Mexico, some locals and visitors have described a strange and muffled hum in the desert city, the residents who have reported it represent about two percent of the population and had been left irritated by the low-frequency hum which some describe is unusual acoustics, different people have their own perception and they describes it as psychological, natural or supernatural and the origin of the sound still puzzles the people who hear it. A survey revealed that those who may have heard it, hear a combination of different sounds which may make the experience more subjective than objective.

5. Deja-Vu.

Deja-Vu is French and literally means already seen, most people describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something even though someone may be completely unfamiliar with it, for instance, you may be having a conversation with your friends about the latest political topic and suddenly you feel as though you have experienced that specific moment or maybe you travel to the Alps and it seems you have been in that exact spot before there has been psychological research into offering naturalistic explanations but the nature of it still remains a mystery.

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