5 Supernatural Actors Who Have Appeared In DC & Marvel Universe

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the actors who have been a part of the Supernatural are no stranger to supernatural beings and monsters. Supernatural revolves around the Winchesters who save lives by hunting Supernatural beings of all sorts; from angels, demons to vampires and werewolves. Supernatural has featured everything that one could think of. It has even crossed over with Scooby-Doo! Could you believe that? Probably one of the things that it has not done is feature popular comic book superheroes. Even though SPN has made numerous references to DC & Marvel comics and popular superheroes. But interestingly, various cast members who played a central role on Supernatural have also been part of the DC & Marvel Universes. They have either acted in the DC/Marvel shows or lend their voice in the animated comic book movies.

So Take A Look At 5 Supernatural Actors Who Have Appeared In DC & Marvel Universe


5 Supernatural Actors Who Have Appeared In DC & Marvel Universe

Jensen Ackles is an amazing actor. His expressions and mannerisms in Supernatural brought the character of Dean Winchester to life. But did you know he’s a very talented voice artist too? Jensen Ackles voiced Red Hood AKA Jason Todd in 2010 released animated Batman movie titled ‘Batman: Under The Red Hood. In Season 3, Jensen’s character Dean says the famous line ‘I am Batman’, but in 2021 Jensen actually became Batman when he voiced the caped crusader in the animated movie ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’ which is based on the comic book of the same name.

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5 Supernatural Actors Who Have Appeared In DC & Marvel Universe

Adrianne Palicki was there in the beginning of the show. Even though her character Jessica would meet her tragic fate in the first episode and would appear a few more times in small cameos or flashbacks, but Jessica played a crucial role in driving the story of Supernatural. But perhaps Adrianne’s biggest career role came when she was cast as Mockingbird in the MCU show ‘Agents of SHIELD’. The character of Bobbie Morse who dawns the persona of Mockingbird appeared in the episode ‘Hen in the Wolf House’. Adrianne played Mockingbird in a recurring role, but was soon promoted to the main cast and given significant storylines in the show.


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Katie Cassidy has earned the reputation of a scream queen due to her appearances in horror films such as Black Christmas. She was cast as Ruby in the third season of the Supernatural. Ruby was a demon who makes her debut in Season 3 and helps the Winchesters against the demons. Katie portrayed the character of Ruby as a controlling, manipulative, and mysterious demon who is pretty sharp and brave. However, Katie Cassidy would depart from Supernatural due to which Genevieve would get cast in the role who portrayed Ruby in a different light. However, it is said that all things happen for a good reason. Katie would eventually get cast in the role of Laurel Lance in the CW show ‘Arrow’ which is based on the DC comics character of Green Arrow. This would become the highlight of her career. Laurel Lance is a legal attorney who dawns the mask of Black Canary, a vigilante who battles evil and fights alongside Arrow.


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