5 Supernatural Actors Who Have Appeared In DC & Marvel Universe


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While Misha Collins is best known for playing Castiel in Supernatural. A role that would redefine his career. Castiel wasn’t supposed to that long on the show, but the response from the fans forced the creators & writers to keep him around, soon from a recurring character, he was promoted to the main cast. Misha Collins is now all set to portray a legendary comic book character. He has been cast in CW’s upcoming show ‘Gotham Knights’ where he would be portraying the role of Gotham’s DA Harvey Dent who is a good friend of Bruce Wayne, but tragedy strikes him, he loses his sanity and ends up becoming Two Face in the process. Numerous great actors such as Tommy Lee Jones, Aaron Eckhart have played the character in Batman movies. It would be pretty interesting to see how Misha Collins portrays the character. Gotham Knight is all set to premiere on the CW Network in the month of March.


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Watchmen is a 2009 released film based on the DC comic book of the same name written by Alan Moore. The story takes place in a dystopian world where superheroes have been forced to retire and cannot operate outside the law. Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the role of a superhero named Edward Blake AKA ‘The Comedian’. JDM revealed that when he read his part and came to know that his character would meet his demise in the first few pages, he was not excited to play the part in the film. But he was told to read the graphic novel to grasp a better understanding of his character and its significance in the storyline. Eventually, he became convinced and portrayed the role which received great appreciation from the fans and critics.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the role of John Winchester in Supernatural. A man who after losing his wife in a ‘Supernatural’ tragedy becomes obsessed with knowing about the truth. He becomes a hunter and raises his kids in the same life. Although, John Winchester is a flawed character who received backlash from the fans for raising his kids not as children, but as soldiers. However, JDM did a full justice in portraying the complex character. Although his appearances have been limited, but the impact on the story of SPN is far greater. Currently, the actor Drake Rodger is playing the role of John Winchester in the SPN spin-off titled ‘The Winchesters’.

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